We are shining, and we will never be afraid again.

I don't know what words are adequate to express this, but last night I saw Florence and the Machine live in Birmingham and eeeeeeeeeek etc.

This is the fourth time I've seen Flo live, she always rocks it, usually in a cape, always loudly. This time was at the LG arena, it was a much more 'planned' show than before, but then I suppose it had to be, and it was still totally magical. If you ever get the chance to see her, go!

Standard blurry gig photos, as we were rather busy singing/screaming/whooping/dancing/being elbowed in the face/loving life to concentrate on photography. The Horrors support set brought back suchhhh happy memories! And I really don't imagine you could get any happier than being stood in a crowd of people singing Heartlines together.

Oh, and click here to see what I wore.



Let's all go on an urban safari.

The following post is a compilation of things I am currently loving/coveting. (I'm not feeling materialistic about the whole thing, more a dreamy sort of idyllic-future-imagining!) Obviously if anybody feels so inclined, all gifts accepted ;) Until then I shall continue being a skint student, one day able to own the following beauts.

It's on everybody's list, I'm sure, but nothing will sway me from the belief that one day a McQueen skull scarf shall hang daintily around my neck. This rose/celadon colour, if you please.

The star print on this adorable Zara dress would be enough for me, let alone discovering it has an adorable open back. Got me seriously considering splashing out on this one for summer...
...Along with these River Island beauties - the most extravagant sandals I've seen in a while.  Actually they're the only sandals I've spied so far this Spring which might tempt me back from moccasin limbo. Not to mention how nicely they'd go with that dress above (cough).

Benefit describes Bella Bamba, one of their famed box blushes, as "a 3D brightening pink face powder". I personally don't like anything with brown tones on my skin, as my complexion suits corals and peachy pinks..so in short this colour is perfect! Will definately be my next cosmetic purchase.

NotOnTheHighStreet have the best selection of unusual gifts, etsy-style jewellery, tons of personalisable stuff and, arguably my fave bit, completely desirable homewares. My uni room walls are a little bare and I would love to add these simple swallows above my bed. They're adhesive and although it says 'low tack' I'm concerned when I try to remove them next year they might not come off properly, or be tricky. Anyone have experience either way?

Again from NotOnTheHighStreet, I was perusing the ring section (always dangerous, for someone like me who favours the deranged-rural-art-teacher aesthetic!) and chanced upon these, which are so unusual. They are called 'Guerrero Porcelain Rings' - I don't know if one would be particularly comfortable to wear, but as a talking point I just think they're simply beautiful. The smooth porcelain is so flawless they look just like rubber? I'm particularly taken with the turquoise one.

Other things I'm currently loving include the videos of TalkBeckyTalk (who I found through the ever-aspirational Fleur De Force), Whittards DreamTime instant tea and being able to walk outside without a jacket these past few days. Thanks, Pompey weather!

And on the stereo? Can't get enough of Plan B's Ill Manors, M.I.A's Bad Girls, and since the sun came out it's the annual Corinne Bailey Rae situation.

Whats on your wish lists? And what are you loving in life?
Keep smiling


you and me in a photo booth, 11

went to a toga party, improvised.

You may judge me for liking cherry lambrini, and I will judge you for not liking it. Fair do's?
(PS sorry for neglecting you, little bloggywog, will be back soon with nice things).


What the milkman saw.

This is what I have been up to recently. Ch-ch-check it out? My uni girls and I are very proud of our Floordrobes.