19 before 20

Sooooo a little while ago I wrote a list called 18 before 19. (18 things I wanted to do before my 19th birthday!) 
Well, that day is next week! (Please, don't even go there; I already feel like a pensioner after me and my friends attended an all day gig full of 14-year-olds. We drank cider, just cos we could.)

I figured I'd look back at the old list, and then write a new one for this year. 
These are the things I managed to complete off of my last list!!
. cut my hair off (at christmas! allthough it is rapidly growing back now, which is good because I miss it! this was a silly idea.)
. get, and learn to use, a real film camera (my beloved diana dreamer. although I still have some learning to do judging by my last roll!)
. break 20 followers on my blog
(proud muvva of 32 followers, each as sparkly and lovely and adorable and interesting as they come. I could NOT appreciate them more, and I mean that.)
learn how to cook a new meal  (hullo university, hullo culinary improvements.)
add to vintage collection (some levi cutoffs in pompey, and a knitted christmas jumper in worcester)
. learn to type better
 (I feel I have done this. Only due to increased amount of time on blogger/twitter). see a band who I really really really like (The Vaccines!!!!!!!!!!!@*&?%!?!!)
. find some high heeled shoes I can walk in
 (my Select wedges. Not vertiginous, but dreamy)
. tell my best friends how much I love them
 (Started doing this far more now that seeing special people is more difficult what with us all leading adult lives. Especially when tipsay)
. sort somewhere to live next year
 (Our house is going to be BEAUTIFULLLLL)
. finish first look book
 (Did this pretty much as soon as I wrote it down. Bad way to make a list, really)
. start a second look book
 (yussssssss. will post another video when done). feel ok about being at uni (YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA. may have taken my time and had a few wobbles, admittedly, but I am happier now than I ever imagined 6 months ago)

So thats um 13/19. Pretty good since I only wrote this six months ago, not a year. I have the luxury of a full year to do the next list. 
TALKING OF THE NEXT LIST HERE IT IS OMG HOW EXCITINGGGGG!! The first few are the things which I didn't complete last time, carried over. Then the rest is new...

1. read all the books left on my 'to read' list
2. paint a canvas
3. make a skirt. (it can't be that hard, surely?)
4. find some vintage babycham glasses! (also: four words. test tube shot glasses.)
5. find a nice boy!
6. make it to the second year of Uni!!!
7. learn to walk in heels! PROPER heels!
8. have grown hair long
9. have managed to get SOMETHING published, in some capacity or other.
10. break 35 followers? Is it greedy to have this on my list?
11. make a [substantial] donation to charity
12. clear overdraft / refrain from being more in debt due to wine / nutella / zara compulsions.
13. have had some sort of part-time employment
14. visit a new country
15. learn to cook a new meal (yes I already completed this - roast dinner! - but am repeating it. life skill innit)
16. drive a long distance journey
17. visit a stately home
18. come up with a plan, of what I'm going to do after uni
19. agree to do something, take an opportunity, that you would normally immediately say 'no' to.

I feel like this years list is more difficult than the last one! Bigger things. But I would like my short term goals to be less materialistic and more important to my life. We'll see. Right now, turning 19 in a week, 20 sounds like another planet, a million years away from here. Thats how old my brother is now! And thats freaky, because I'd like to be a teenager forever, please.
Let me see your lists then!! (cos I'm a nosey byatch.)

So chuffed that the sun is still shining on England :) Ima go help the mothership with some scone-baking (we are firm Paul Hollywood fans, a-thankyou. hahaa.) before meeting the girlies tonight for some cheekay cocktails. And some Malibu. Lots of malibu. HEY, it's like a tradition. Drinking malibu with the Droitwich girls is sort of like being 17 again hahahaha. 



if I ever got a cat, i'd call it Ronan Kitten

first off I can only apologise for being a terrible blogger of late. There was a brief fling with tumblr and, y'know how it is, real life took over for a while. But don't worry you pretty little things, it's a Sunday afternoon - and as if I'd go a Sunday afternoon without logging onto blogger. It is necessary, along with The Sunday Times, cake baking and the chart show.

I've been back home for a week now, and as well as whizzing through my coursework (so fast that I am conviced I have forgotten to do something mayjah and as a result there will be a massive panic when I head back to pomp in about 2 weeks and then I'll fail a unit and probably all of Uni and then just die of poverty for evahhhh)...where was I? Oh yeah. I have also been reunited with the beauts I left behind in Droitwich. A sweet night out in the Woo Town (Worcester. Yes, like the sauce.) plus the vaccines gig and peter kay show, both in Birmingham. I get about, haha. I'm not sure I could ever be bored of home.
But I did think I should show my face around here, since my last two posts have been people-free with uninspiring photos and could have been written, frankly, by robots.

So here is what I wore yesterday, when my bestie came round to stay (hadn't seen her since January, the scamp). Upon realising the sun was out and about, I promptly whipped off the tights and blinded her with my milky white legs ;) I probably could have found a nicer place to take these photos, but I was uber-excited to be back in my room (read: too lazy to move). Also, head-to-toe Topshop, cos I is a choong, ennit?

Now I must be off to enjoy the fleeting midlands sunshine, and also because I have a chocolate loaf cake in the oven.

Just call me a domestic goddess.


what did you expect from the vaccines?

this was my saturday night:

yeah I didn't even get any proper photos from the gig because the crowd were so freaking violent I didn't wanna whip my camera out! too busy trying to stay upright and all that malarky. but oohhh myyyy, they were bloody good.

The Ceazars and The Smith-Westerns supported, who were both fab, but as soon as The Vaccines came on wowwwwww the crowd just errupted. Me and my friends may have been being naive (were we?) but we did not expect a mosh pit. Neither did the band, judging by Justin and Freddies amused faces ;)

also it was my first time at the hmv institute and I like like like! Hope to be gracing their venue more often haha. :) can't stop smiling, or playing the album, they were infectious.

if at some point we all succumb, for goodness sake let us be young



the other night

this man, live at the NIA in Birmingham, made my stomach ache from laughing so hard
definitely worth buying the tickets over a year ago!

oh, and today the sun is shining more than ever, so lush!!
Loving the motherships homemade meals and Cathy coming over for a catchup. Love being home.



Dirty Dancing; wardrobe envy.

happy tuesday afternoon my dears :)
I had a ridiculously quotable night out on monday at a terrifying/wonderful alternative night with the course lovelies (the source of most of the quotes), followed by a hop over to the 90s club to see the future housemates (I have literally no idea how I am going to get any work done living with them next year…)
therefore I am far too tired and emotional to write anything sensible, so instead I'm going to explain in pictures why a) Dirty Dancing is such a good film and b) this summer I intend to dress like Baby
hope you're feeling a tad all more alert than I am!
ps. i'm going home for easter in 2 sleeps! indescribably excited right about now.

so that'll be tied tank tops, high waisted denim shorts winched in at the waist, chiffon skirsts and fifties cotton sundresses, then. oh hurry up summer!!!!



sunday mornings

good morning kids, hope you're having lovely sundays full of morning papers and croissants...well no, neither am I actually, if only! But what I AM doing, is reviewing what made me hap hap happy this week :)

1. last weeks little burst of sunshine at the beach  2. yummy strawberry bonbons  3. nights in = muchos doodling  4. topshops flash sale bargains 5. new fave lunch - fresh fuit and wholegrain yoghurt. although I can't wait to go home for easter and undo all this healthy eating!

 SO I'm a littttle sad that I can't be with the mothership on Mothers Day (today in the uk, if it had escaped your notice) even though she really doesn't go in for all that soppy stuff. But still, I am uber-excited to be going home on Thursday. There are a million cakes waiting to be baked :) (sadly my uni kitchen is massively under-equipped for those kind of antics haha)

Talking of living in halls, Friday night illustrates perfectly why living here is freaking hilarious and also the bane of my existence - one fire alarm at 4 am is a bitch but you get over it, however when some joker decides to set them off three times in the space of like two hours, lets just say we were not happy bunnies. However seeing the same joker being wrestled down the stairs at 6am by burly security guards kind of made up for it! Most of the action took place two or so floors above us but there was a lot of shouting, and talk of pinning to the floor and black eyes =/ uh ohhhhhh. Apparently me and a couple of the homies are going in to our old sixth form to give a talk about applying for further education to the new year twelves - shall I drop a few of these horror stories in there? ;)
 Being awake since four in the morning might explain why I slept so long last night, and why I am sooo rested this morning that I actually vacuumed. I know...cleaning, wow.

I'm also crazy-excited because next weekend I'm going to see Peter Kay! Actual bloody Peter Kay! I know, the fourteen year old me is jumping for joy! He makes me and my fam just cry with laughter, his material is so nostalgic and just bob on.. he's not toured for a while so it feels like a proper treat. I'll be sure to report back on that one :)

There is clearly no way I'm going to the library today, so I'd better get on with some other work so I actually feel like I've achieved something haha. Sorry this is so long! I'm awful at the 'quick catch up' sitch.

Enjoy what is left of your weekends my beauts x