crazy crazy, easy tiger!

this is what I did yesterday, when my flatmates decided to go home and desert me in the flat. I read Elle instead of doing work, it was fab.

Well you have to do the best you can with a room at uni =/
Also, I think I own too many pairs of chinos..

 hope youre all well my beauts x


what would effy do?

meanwhile, it appears I am not the only one in my fam who is snap happy, my brother was given an old film camera (of some sort - i cant remember what it is!) for christmas and he showed me some photos the other day. I like this one best.
Its of swansea, where he studies. Pretty, no?
Talking of people I like, if you aren't following this girl then shame on you, you should be. Alice is not only my neighbourino and future housemate, but she is also cute as a button and a verrrry talented photographer!
How are you all? For me its been a long week full of some very strange nights out (one included dubstep and a possible concussion, one included dressing up from the moulin rouge / we looked more rocky horror - both nights resulted in a slight loss of dignity sadface) and some very important decisions about next years university units..
In between I found time to paint my nails with Models Own nail varnish in juicy jules which is essentially just silver glitter, I love the way it catches the light and makes my nails look like a disco ball. I forget its there and then it cheers me ight up! haha, simple things! Can't wait to try it over alllll the colours I own.
At the moment I cannot stop repeating this song!! I am developing a problem. The Vaccines are rapidly becoming my obsession du jour and there is the distinct possibility that I might be getting to see them live in Birmingham when I venture home for easter in April eeeek! 
I have found that my PhotoBooth is totally rammed with very odd shots of me that I forget I take.. this isn't just me I'm sure! I am tempted to do a post of some of the more obscure ones. I tend to snap before I go out if I like what I'm wearing so that I'll remember and wear it again, but then I just never look at the photos. Oops.

This has been a mammoth catchup post for which I can only apologise..I should do more small ones...hmm..let me know if that would be better? In the meantime I hope you kiddies all had lovely weeks and enjoy the weekend!!

ps. can I get to 30 of you lovely followers? Hmmm we'll see!


fashion smashion.

rumours i've heard about anna wintour.

someone give me some time off uni so that I can catch up on LFW?
also a job of some kind would be lovely, so I can buy/order the millions of cd's I desire (the vaccines, noah and the whale, white lies, frankie and the heartstrings, beady eye...) without foregoing food.



call your parents. they probably miss you.

"I do still miss the girls. I miss the ordinary things: cups of tea and sticky buns after school - just sitting round the table, chewing the fat and bitching about their teachers. But it's a lot better now than it used to be. You find yourself useful in other ways. I suppose we all want to feel important - that's the thing. When you have a little baby, of course you're the most important thing in the world to them. When you leave the room they cry and that's lovely. But when they grow up and are able to choose who they like, then you've got to fight for them a bit more. They leave home at 18, then return and find out you're not as bad as they thought you were"


and all of the squats have been turned into gallery spaces

Morniiiing! A belated happy valentines day to you all. I spent mine drinking suspiciously blue alcohol with my single girls and sneezing my way through a cold. But I'm not one of those people who is all bitter when theyre single on valentines, I'm just happy for my friends who are in happy relationships and optomistic about the future. In the immortal words of Emma Thompson, "nobodys going to want to shag you if you're crying all the time" (Love Actually).

This post is actually supposed to be about Brighton Rock, which me and some lovely coursemates took a wander to the cinema to see at the weekend. We'd had a seminar about the original book, and the lecturer was dubious about them moving the setting to the mods/rockers of the sixties.

I'm going to come out and admit to the horror of all booklovers that I have not read the book (though a copy is winging its way to me as we speak!) and so knew nothing about it. I am also a massive fan of anything modtastic. And I really liked this film. I think my companions were a little less convinced, and I'm not about to start calling it my new favorite film or anything, but visually it worked and the plot was full of enough intense staring and brooding threat to make you gasp quit a bit. 
Not a patch on Mr Nice, though, which I rented off itunes the other day to rid me of a hangover. Rhys Ifans cures all ills.
(I want to post a picture, but I can't find one which does it justice, so there may have to be another post soon...)

I fail quite a bit at the old 60s style, though I am becoming a fan of the beehive. Somebody buy me this?
Thanks. Oh and look at Greer's room, jeal? I am.

Right, I must be off as I have promised the flatmates bacon sarnies, and promises involving bacon are meant to kept, yeh?

ps. how beautifully did Adele sing at the Brits last night? Hello broken heart.


don't let go.

sometimes i put glitter on my nails. if i could, i'd put glitter on everything.
i'm such a girl.


boots essentials single use camera, merci

my favorite snaps from the last disposable camera i got developed

i love the way colours never come out right and everything looks dusty 


you and me in a photo booth, 7


not too bad for a first attempt, non?
inspired by wishwishwish, of course. Follow her tutorial!