all, all taped together

My hand hurts, because of the massive bruise on its side. I am wearing a cardigan that smells of beer, and am so very very tired.. all because last night we went to see the NME tour gig at the o2 academy venue in Birmingham.
The Drums threw some shapes, The Big Pink made some ears bleed, Bombay Bicycle Club jumped around being pretty, and The Maccabees got the crowd all excited. :) All the while we danced around like crazy motherlickers. Top gig.
I didn't exactly need any encouragement to see Bombay Bicle Club again, but they were outstanding as always, despite us being painfully rammed by excessively tall indie men. =/ And I was really impressed by The Drums, they had sooo much energy! And nice hair. Always a plus.
So aside from the near-crushed-to-death bits, which were frequent, it was pretty freakin awesome. :)

Also, this is the last blog I will ever type upon my long-suffering laptop. :( Despite being my beloved computer for the past 4 years, it has given up all hope of life, with the screen having gone all pink and green and weird. As a result I have a shiny new macbook in a box downstairs, waiting to be set up.. exciting, but its the end of an era!!

Right, now I have to go tidy my room because I have forgotten what colour the floor is.


i read this on a tshirt, and thought it was cute. :)

hey, you and i are going to have a
big love affair and it won't work but somewhere in the middle, my god, we


cut out and keep.

look at this bag.

no, just look at it.
that is all.


its okay Pluto, i'm not a planet either :'(


Yusss I stopped saying "I really must write a blog", sat down, and wrote a blog! And now you're reading it! AHH, oh its all too much.

Last week I managed to pass my driving test, and thank god I managed it first time because that is NOT an experience I EVER wish to repeat =/ You'd think I'd be used to exams by now but man I was nervous..mainly because the examiner I got was scary in the extreme.. thankfully I got a fairly lucky route etc. Buhh I don't want to think about it any more. :) Freedom!
I've recently been reading the autobiography of a certain Stephen Fry, who, uncool as it may be, is pretty much my idol- standing for being better at life, never apologising for things which dont concern anybody but you, and its comforting to know nobody is perfect. Read the book & you'll see what I mean ;)
I have a general love of books. I don't want to turn this into a reading list or anything, but I'm a geek.
"no furniture is as comforting as books - even if you never open them or read a word" - Reverend Sydney Smith..(sometime in the early 1800s I think.)
I grew up on Teddy Robinson, Robert Louis Stephenson and Louis Carol, I like PG Woodhouse and Sherlock Holmes, I recently bought the works of Oscar Wilde, and I like Jane Austen, Alison Wier & Gideon Mack..Jane Eyre is pretty much my favorite book, and I just found a dubious PDF of E.M.Forsters notes on the english character..erm, don't know if I should admit to that actually..=/

I WISH I was more well read. I wish I was one of those people who could just seamlessly drop literary quotes into their conversation.
But I like that books don't have to be 'noble' - if its touching, sweet or funny I don't care if its Russell Brands autobiography or bloody Shakespeare. Reading nylon, supersuper and glamour magazine TOTALLY COUNTS! :D (Although for the record, I adore Russell Brand far more than I like Shakespeare.) ;)

Not a lot beats blogs though. Few people could get away with publishing a book entirely devoted to cupcakes.

I think I need a cup of tea.