you and me in a photobooth, 6

I like to have lots of things on my wrist. These are the trinkets I chose today. I would actually like to have many many more than this, but they all have to mean something or else what's the point? Here you can see a painted bracelet that reminds me of the first houseparty I went to way back when in year11, the string friendship bracelet from Big Chill festival last year (my bestie wears the identical one), and also one of her black beaded strings. I have a pretty seed bracelet from  a holiday in Cyprus, but it is getting all stretched with wear and I'm terrified of breaking it so it is stowed away.
Also check my new phone sneaking in the background there, cheeky.

Do you have any meaningful things tied around your wrist?


wardrobe envy; Clemence Poesy

The epitome of modern French chic, Clemence Poesy has been popping up more and more frequently recently, proving her fashion credentials since playing Fleur Delacour in the Harry Potter Series. More recently she gave us yet another reason to watch Gossip Girl (although I don't need much persuasion on the Upper East Side front). 
A year or so ago I impulsively bought Tatler magazine, delusions of grandeur I know I know, which happened to have Clemence on the cover and the feature photos (the first two below) are so so pretty. 
If you want to copy these looks you will need; silk shirts, a trench coat, a little sequin embellishment here, a little embroidery there, a good lipstick, oh, and the best hair known to man. Strike a Poesy!


Oh, PS, I am back at uni now for my second semester. It is quite cold, and I just spent an extortionate amount at Tescos. C'est la Vie!
all these photos collected from around the internet, not my property



dreaming of cookham regatta

Just some inspiration pictures tonight, gathered from the heaven that is tumblr. 

Sorry sorry sorry - I will post some more interesting things soon, I have some posts planned just need to write them. 
Despite normally being much more of a winter girl, swayed by peppermint mochas and layering up, this winter seems to have gone on for far longer than ones before, and now I just can not wait for summer. I want to stop wearing tights and coats, and I want to have an afternoon picnic which turns into an outdoor party and doesnt end until the next day. Please?
And no, if you were wondering, I have still not stopped binging on Oasis (see last post). If anything, the discovery of this website has only fuelled my brief obsession.
I was born in 1992, so whilst technically I was alive during the 90s, part of me wishes I had been a teenager during that time period. There is something about that grungey, gritty pop culture (or at least from what I can tell) that I feel would have suited me rather well. Am now craving floral maxi skirts and lager in a can.
I have to start back at uni next week. I know most of my friends are back already and so I have felt rather lazy having these lenient holidays my course has been given, especially since I have done nothing more productive than perfecting my brownie recipe,  visit friends/go to pubs, and watch black and white movies with the mothership. Ah, well.
This is getting stupidly long, but finally, I have noticed my follower numbers are creeping up! Thankyou so so so much if youre following my mumblings, I don't think I'd really mind if me and my dog were the only ones reading this I'd write anyway, but it still means the world to me that youre interested. If you have anything you want me to focus on, tell tell ;) 
Nighty night


familiar to millions

This is a picture of Noel Gallagher and Paul Weller, just chilling,  having a cup of tea. Because that is what rock stars do, yes.

I am home from visiting Kim at her uni in Preston (taking advantage of my extra couple weeks off) where I had a wonderful time! The whole way back all I could listen to on my headphones was Oasis, I don't know why. I love them. Reminded me of this, I don't know if I have posted it before. Whatever. I am tired and want sleep and tea and things.


The King's Speech

Saw it today.
Loved it.

I'm not going to write a long, boring review..I just will say SEE IT. It is charming and moving and lovely, and if Colin Firth doesn't win some kind of award for that amazing performance then the world is unjust.



dirty grotty magazines

With my timing as impeccable as ever, I have bought massive boots about two weeks after the worst snow we've had for years has all melted. Well done, me. I love them anyway. They are Timberland, but only because there is an outlet near my uni. Next time it snows I shall walk without fear of ankle breaking. Result.


This is my other face.

A large proportion of the time I spend at my computer is spent on Blogger. I just love the amount of creative people who's musings and styles I can gaze at/read about everyday. Clicking through comments on favorite blogs, almost at random, has led me to find some fantastic blogs that I am glad to have found.  I subscribe to far too many blogs, so many that it justifies the amount of time I spend on here otherwise I'd never catch up with them all! Still, there comes a point when I look down the list of blogs I subscribe to and can't remember who some of them are, which means its time for a tidy up.

One thing that got me thinking though, as I read down the list was how many different directions people have gone in with the names of their blogs. Names are so interesting - what a person chooses to call their blog tells so much! And there are so many pretty, interesting and lovely names people use. Which got me wondering what they were thinking - what was behind their choice? - I'd love to ask them.

Well...lead by example! My blog title is hardly groundbreaking, but this is how I got it anywayyy..

'This is my other face' is a quote from here, Cassie's therapy video diary from British drama Skins.
This is my face. And this is my other face.


I used to be toooootally obsessed with Skins, and more specifically the character of Cassie. (Used to be..ok fine still am gahh. Last week I bought all four series of skins on dvd. And I really want some over the knee socks and a silkslip now haha)
She was genuinely a bit odd, not just that faux-kooky-but-really-quite-normal kind.
I don't remember when I first saw this video but I know why - at the time (couple of years ago?) youtube video bloggers were bigger than they seem to be now, and I loved mememolly who did this version, which is cute.

So when I needed a name for a blog I was setting up I thought it would be a nice reference, but if nobody got it that would be ok too because they are sweet words in a sweet order, and that is enough.
So now you know! Ta-daa!
PLEASE! Do a post of your own, telling everybody how you chose the name for your blog! Tag other bloggers, get other people to do a post too! On some level it is probably just nosiness, but I reckon people have some genuinely interesting reasons.

Also, I hope the first week of 2011 has gone by without any hitches for you all. I am slightly sad because all my friends are slowly disappearing back off to uni, but I am happy because I went to the pantomime last night in Birmingham, and earlier this week I finished my first Diana roll! Good times.



for auld lang syne my dear

Happy New Year!

So much wonderful stuff happened in 2010, and even if there were a few dodgy patches I would actually go so far as to say it was the best year of my life.

I turned eighteen

went to my first festival

saw a little more of europe

went on a girls holiday (static caravan in newquay, living the dream)

did not completely screw up my a levels

explored my own country 

saw the divine Florence and the machine live, amongst other gigs

was blessed with the best friends a girl could ask for

and made some massive changes, such as oh, erm, leaving for university?!?
Since you never know whats going to happen next, I have given up guessing.
I do have some nice exciting new features planned for this blog, and some nice exciting things planned for 2011 in general. I hope you do too, and that you have a safe, exciting, beautiful and fabulous new year

:) :) :)