you and me in a photobooth, 6

I like to have lots of things on my wrist. These are the trinkets I chose today. I would actually like to have many many more than this, but they all have to mean something or else what's the point? Here you can see a painted bracelet that reminds me of the first houseparty I went to way back when in year11, the string friendship bracelet from Big Chill festival last year (my bestie wears the identical one), and also one of her black beaded strings. I have a pretty seed bracelet from  a holiday in Cyprus, but it is getting all stretched with wear and I'm terrified of breaking it so it is stowed away.
Also check my new phone sneaking in the background there, cheeky.

Do you have any meaningful things tied around your wrist?


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  1. i have 2 festival wristbands around my wrist. i used to wear a watch too, but it broke towards the end of last summer, and ever since i've looked for the perfect watch to replace it, but you know when you have such an ideal in your head about what you want, you just cannot find anything you like? well i have that. i'm still looking for a new watch. i miss not wearing one. and still find myself looking at my wrist for the time...
    maybe i'll find one soon. :)