dreaming of cookham regatta

Just some inspiration pictures tonight, gathered from the heaven that is tumblr. 

Sorry sorry sorry - I will post some more interesting things soon, I have some posts planned just need to write them. 
Despite normally being much more of a winter girl, swayed by peppermint mochas and layering up, this winter seems to have gone on for far longer than ones before, and now I just can not wait for summer. I want to stop wearing tights and coats, and I want to have an afternoon picnic which turns into an outdoor party and doesnt end until the next day. Please?
And no, if you were wondering, I have still not stopped binging on Oasis (see last post). If anything, the discovery of this website has only fuelled my brief obsession.
I was born in 1992, so whilst technically I was alive during the 90s, part of me wishes I had been a teenager during that time period. There is something about that grungey, gritty pop culture (or at least from what I can tell) that I feel would have suited me rather well. Am now craving floral maxi skirts and lager in a can.
I have to start back at uni next week. I know most of my friends are back already and so I have felt rather lazy having these lenient holidays my course has been given, especially since I have done nothing more productive than perfecting my brownie recipe,  visit friends/go to pubs, and watch black and white movies with the mothership. Ah, well.
This is getting stupidly long, but finally, I have noticed my follower numbers are creeping up! Thankyou so so so much if youre following my mumblings, I don't think I'd really mind if me and my dog were the only ones reading this I'd write anyway, but it still means the world to me that youre interested. If you have anything you want me to focus on, tell tell ;) 
Nighty night


  1. I love everything about this post. Especially the 1990s talk - I was born in 1990 so my music was predominantly the Spice Girls and whatever my parents were playing (lots of Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams and AC/DC, for the record). I think the nineties would have been a grand time to be a teenager. xx

  2. you are welcome! i'm definitely cool with bringing grunge back. i'll have to dig out my stonewashed jeans and nirvana albums x

  3. Aw, nice post. I'm a 1991 girl and one of my earliest memories is my parents listening to Oasis! It wore off on my little sister too; she was absoluetly obsessed with listening to them when she was a toddler. x