wardrobe envy; Clemence Poesy

The epitome of modern French chic, Clemence Poesy has been popping up more and more frequently recently, proving her fashion credentials since playing Fleur Delacour in the Harry Potter Series. More recently she gave us yet another reason to watch Gossip Girl (although I don't need much persuasion on the Upper East Side front). 
A year or so ago I impulsively bought Tatler magazine, delusions of grandeur I know I know, which happened to have Clemence on the cover and the feature photos (the first two below) are so so pretty. 
If you want to copy these looks you will need; silk shirts, a trench coat, a little sequin embellishment here, a little embroidery there, a good lipstick, oh, and the best hair known to man. Strike a Poesy!


Oh, PS, I am back at uni now for my second semester. It is quite cold, and I just spent an extortionate amount at Tescos. C'est la Vie!
all these photos collected from around the internet, not my property


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  1. Her style is so perfect. I wish I was French so I could look like this, and have a name as pretty as her's x