This is my other face.

A large proportion of the time I spend at my computer is spent on Blogger. I just love the amount of creative people who's musings and styles I can gaze at/read about everyday. Clicking through comments on favorite blogs, almost at random, has led me to find some fantastic blogs that I am glad to have found.  I subscribe to far too many blogs, so many that it justifies the amount of time I spend on here otherwise I'd never catch up with them all! Still, there comes a point when I look down the list of blogs I subscribe to and can't remember who some of them are, which means its time for a tidy up.

One thing that got me thinking though, as I read down the list was how many different directions people have gone in with the names of their blogs. Names are so interesting - what a person chooses to call their blog tells so much! And there are so many pretty, interesting and lovely names people use. Which got me wondering what they were thinking - what was behind their choice? - I'd love to ask them.

Well...lead by example! My blog title is hardly groundbreaking, but this is how I got it anywayyy..

'This is my other face' is a quote from here, Cassie's therapy video diary from British drama Skins.
This is my face. And this is my other face.


I used to be toooootally obsessed with Skins, and more specifically the character of Cassie. (Used to be..ok fine still am gahh. Last week I bought all four series of skins on dvd. And I really want some over the knee socks and a silkslip now haha)
She was genuinely a bit odd, not just that faux-kooky-but-really-quite-normal kind.
I don't remember when I first saw this video but I know why - at the time (couple of years ago?) youtube video bloggers were bigger than they seem to be now, and I loved mememolly who did this version, which is cute.

So when I needed a name for a blog I was setting up I thought it would be a nice reference, but if nobody got it that would be ok too because they are sweet words in a sweet order, and that is enough.
So now you know! Ta-daa!
PLEASE! Do a post of your own, telling everybody how you chose the name for your blog! Tag other bloggers, get other people to do a post too! On some level it is probably just nosiness, but I reckon people have some genuinely interesting reasons.

Also, I hope the first week of 2011 has gone by without any hitches for you all. I am slightly sad because all my friends are slowly disappearing back off to uni, but I am happy because I went to the pantomime last night in Birmingham, and earlier this week I finished my first Diana roll! Good times.



  1. oh man, cassie was the most amazing thing ever! i loveee skins, but mostly for cassie and her perfect hair and perfect clothes. oh, and chris of course because he was a babe. and i adore that video! i've always liked the name of your blog, so how fantastic to find out where it came from. love it.

    i'll tell you where my blog name came from (it is far too disinteresting to merit an entire post!) basically i found the photo that i have as my blog header just as i was browsing the internet, and i was like WOAH. because i'm so tall and gangly and graceless myself, i really do have very envious, angry feelings towards graceful people, so i thought it was perfect. i stole the photo and the name and the rest, as they say, is history.

    em x


  2. eep another cassie fan, glad to hear it!

    your blog name was always one of my favorites, and it goes so well. but i think tall and gangly is far more 'cassie' than graceful is anyway. :) thankyou for sharing!

  3. i don't have an interesting story about the name of my blog. i simply put some words together but i regret it now, i wish i'd have put more thought into it. but nevermind, can't go back and change it now.
    also: AHHHHH! can't wait to see you diana photos!!! (yes that's right, i'm that excited it merited 3 exclamation marks. ;) )
    PS. well done on breaking 20 followers. another thing ticked off your 18 before your 19 list? :)

  4. ahh hate that regret thing - i totally did that with email addresses. i now have four accounts and i hate the names of them all. oops! paris lives here is adorable though :)

    YES i need to get my arse in gear and take it to be developed..it is sat on top of my desk, mocking me. haha.. i appreciate your excitement!!! x

  5. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting.

    I really didn't think too much about my blog name, I wish I had as I probably would change it now to something a little more vague!

    The doll on fashion

  6. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog :)
    Came to look at yours and I love it!! Also, loving the Cassie reference, I am obsessed with her too - I recently rewatched all the old Skins episodes and my obsession came back, I posted about it too ahha! ANyway, your blog is lovely and I'm now following :)

  7. Ah I loved Skins too, can't wait for the new series coming up, lets just hope it goes back to being as good as it was in the first series.

    Just wandered over to your blog and I love it already! Following now :)

    To answer your question the name of my blog - Flights of Fancy - is a well known phrase and a lyric in a babyshambles song. I chose it to represent my blog because I never quite know what I'm doing and just seem to wander around talking about stuff I like at the time and will probably never mention again. True to form though, I'm thinking about changing it :)