half dressed, with tea-party red nails and a mug of tea.
this is the liiiiiife ;)

don't be a jerk, johnny

So a large portion of my music collection at the moment seems to have come from other peoples cd collections. Well, most of it actually…sorry about that, guys.

In fact I haven't actually bought a real, palpable, plastic-cased CD in a very long time. SOO yesterday I went and bought SUMMERTIME, by The Drums.
I assumed it was their debut album, until they went and announced their debut album. paha, okayyyy. So I guess its just a long EP. And its FREAKING FANTASTIC!

I've been a fan of the Drums for a while now, the obsession not exactly cooled by seeing them live a couple of months ago. But apart from their noteworthy dancemoves and snazzy-preppy haircuts, this album is SO accurately named that I can't even explain.. if summer was a sound, this would be it..I thought Vampire Weekend were close with Contra, and whilst I am still infatuated with that album, this one will go happily beside it. It makes me want to go watch Dirty Dancing, and roll up my oversized tee sleeves, Adventureland-styleeee!

Anybody else feel like running barefoot along a beach, and dancing around in the bandstand at night?
Go listen to Best Friend, and then tell me that ;)



you'd remember drinking horchata.

(still organising computer, found these)


je suis anglais

I go for one day, come back with a cute pair of sandals and a lighter purse (plus a camera full of dinosaur bones, and an anecdote about a coach load of old women).
Thanks for not raining though, London, and for providing whole stores full of clothes to stare at, and people in boats for us to watch row by.
It was appreciated.



we broke an amp

...you broke our hearts and we hope you didn't break your hearts because we might just do that for you.
-Rhys Webb


all your jokes are blue

I like the faces people pull when they eat an unexpectedly sour sweet.
I like freshly baked bread, scottish accents, and people who bother to type in full sentences.
I like unread emails, forties pin up girls, Irn Bru, and ticking off the last box on my to do list. Malibu with coke, high heels with socks, and sleeping with the radio on.
Cotton dresses, paperbag shorts, buying the Sunday paper. I like walking in bare feet, and Oscar Wilde, and 'builders' tea, and when you see two old friends meet eachother on the street... I like books, and toffee apples, the countryside, and the old leather satchels.

I like blogging, and flicking through other peoples blogs, tumblrs, lookbooks and twitters.
I like the internetzz :)

What do you like?


champagne in the speakers, oh

oh tumblr, with your hundreds of pictures of vintage suitcases, fairy lights, paloma faith and china cups. i have photo envy. mm :)


whale oil beef hooked.