don't be a jerk, johnny

So a large portion of my music collection at the moment seems to have come from other peoples cd collections. Well, most of it actually…sorry about that, guys.

In fact I haven't actually bought a real, palpable, plastic-cased CD in a very long time. SOO yesterday I went and bought SUMMERTIME, by The Drums.
I assumed it was their debut album, until they went and announced their debut album. paha, okayyyy. So I guess its just a long EP. And its FREAKING FANTASTIC!

I've been a fan of the Drums for a while now, the obsession not exactly cooled by seeing them live a couple of months ago. But apart from their noteworthy dancemoves and snazzy-preppy haircuts, this album is SO accurately named that I can't even explain.. if summer was a sound, this would be it..I thought Vampire Weekend were close with Contra, and whilst I am still infatuated with that album, this one will go happily beside it. It makes me want to go watch Dirty Dancing, and roll up my oversized tee sleeves, Adventureland-styleeee!

Anybody else feel like running barefoot along a beach, and dancing around in the bandstand at night?
Go listen to Best Friend, and then tell me that ;)


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