you left for london when you were nineteen

Christmas jumper, on.
Santa hat, bought.

Heinz tomato soup to see off the chill, before tonights last pre-christmas raz before I head home for the holidays. So perfect. (sorry for the hideous photo but it made me laugh) x


you and me in a photo booth, 10

Hey kids heyyyy

How are we all?
Remember when I promised to blog regularly? Yeh about that. Hah :) Follow me on twitter (@lizzies_face) cos you can't keep me off that. especially when I'm meant to be essay writing...

No excuses. Other than I'm coming to the end of my first semester as a second year student, how time flyyyyys eh? So just finishing off deadlines in the next few weeks and then I can go home! So much fun stuff is gonna kick off this christmas, I'm buzzing. This semester has been really fun too actually, might whack some photos up here when I have a second.

Our student house is decked out in twinkly lights. Can't stop listening to the albums of Florence Welch & Nicola Roberts.


"And here you come, with a cup of tea
Wreathed in steam.
The blood jet is poetry,
There is no stopping it." 
from Kindness by Sylvia Plath


the aesthetic has changed.

leopard print fit'n'flare dess - Republic

so much coursework, so little time.
not complaining though!

big love


you and me in a photobooth, 9

uni has been H E C T I C... posting this before going out to my 9 am and then gonna write the crap out of an essay due next monday. party on down, amiright?
had a lovely friend visit me in pomp over the weekend which was included fun aquarium times, and all my housemates went home so I think if she hadnt been here I'd have had a major case of the blues! No fear though as I am headed home this weekend for my first visit this term and I am majorly excited to say the least.

hope youre all well

how to make a gif

How to make a gif


It's the little details...

some close up shots of my room at university.
1.my precious moleskine, flower enamel necklace, the bow ring I never quite managed to give back to Kim 2.A framed photograph from Newquay this year in ornate black Paperchase frame, my Newquay 2011 wristband, and a scented reed diffuser in the background 3.Calvin Klein Beauty perfume and white tin tealight holder 4.Pretty bunting from one of my favourite shops, New England Store in Worcester 5.Pillows on my bed including my Beatles pillow, which is so comfy but I feel that Paul McCartney judges me as I flail around doing my exercise dvd... 6. the dreamcatcher I've had since I was about ten! Its from the Native american bit of Epcot, Florida 7.Well worn New Look moccasins and the paper bag I keep uni work in (got it from the freshers fair even though I'm not a fresher, cheeky) What can I say I'm a sucker for cute typography 8. Elle, my academic diary organiser and black/gold Skullcandy lowrider headphones 9.A wicker basket (you have no idea how many of these I have in my room...) and a couple of my ever growing pile of Vogue UK..I love to stack them. Its not my fault that they are beautiful enough to incorporate into decor!

A little tribute to two of my favourite pretty blogs, Ciao Domenica and This Is Glamourous
I don't know when I turned into an old lady, but recently have got really into cosy interiors, home baking and decorating! 
Coveting Le Creuset cookware and Mason Cash mixing bowls.
Loving anything berry coloured, honey and almond porridge and pumpkin pie.
Must be autumn setting in.


from the picture my mind drew, i know i'd look good on you

I have very veeeerry thick hair, and if I'm not careful the sheer weight of it makes it go flat. Flatlined. Even when it's short. 
So the other day I used my carefully hoarded Boots points to treat myself to Charles Worthington Volume Blow Dry Spray. I liked the shampoo from this range so thought I'd give it a go and holy cow it actually works. I don't know how it would perform on hair that's flat because it's thin, but for hair that's flat because it's heavy bish bash bosh jobs a goodun. 
Have any of you tried it?

BIG LOVE (and big hair.) x

I ♡ knitwear...

...don't you?



more inanimate than amateur

could I just say that this is my favourite website? and that you should browse it whilst wearing something fancy and consuming an entire cheesecake. Envious facial expression optional.


my my my, what have we here

wow woah well wouldja look at that, it's been almost three months since I posted on here.
here are some photos of me pulling faces and ting.

I would not be surprised if there are none of you lovely readers left, but those of you that have stuck around  thankyouuu for remaining subscribed, I shall lob some content at ya very shortly

The last few months of summer were spent soaking up the lingering last rays of evening sunshine, wandering through the Yorkshire countryside, eating far too many of my mothers peanut butter cupcakes and generally wasting time in the best ways possible.
Since moving back down to Pompadomp a month ago I have moved into a beautiful (not visually, but in soul) terraced house with four brilliant housemates and despite the second year workload piling up I can already tell that its gonna be a good year. Those of you that have been reading my blog for more than a year will know I had a rough old time of it as a fresher but all that is changing ohh yeaahh

I'm gonna make these blog posts brief but regular, (hopefully with lots of pictures, be they photobooth or not, and I'll still use it to pile up arty things I like) and even if nobody reads them it will be nice to prove to myself that I don't always give up on everything ;)

Hope youre all well, I have of course been reading blogs as regularly as ever all summer


shouting lager lager lager

Mark Menjivar photographed the content of peoples fridges, as is, in the hope it reveals something about the owner. Accompanied by a job description, how many people live in the household, and a snappy one-line bio. See the rest here.

Innovative art, you guys! x


well honey, don't

the next thing I shall save my pennies for is something by The Kooples. My favorite brand to drool over at the mo. Simple silk blouses, cigarette jeans, modern cuts in rock and roll fabrics. Chic, French and classic. Any of these skirts would do peachy, but I've particularly fallen in love with these Wedges, a snip at £105. Best get pinching those pennies then...

"it is better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring"

adventures in Newquay.

me and my dysfunctional family style band of eight friends went for a week in seaside party town of the uk - Newquay, Cornwall.
There are no words for the amount of cider drunk, the hideously embarrassing encounters with locals/other holiday goers, the attractive faces we pull in photos, train journeys endured, and terrible songs listened to. We spent the week shouting catchphrases such as "flip flop time!", "duckface", and "possum fall!" at eachother, whilst avoiding our terrifying landlord and perving on lifeguards at the sunny beach.

Pics or it didn't happen.



dream yourself awake


I am going to set aside my jealousy of all the people who were at Glastonbury festival this weekend, one of my besties was amongst them & I would very much have liked to have joined her running around a field covered in glitter and mud.
BUT here is something cool and sweet. Resident Glastonbury photographer Jason Bryant took these photos of before and after a couple of famous glasto sights.  Enjoy the rest from earlier in the year, here.

watch out cos he'll steal your girlfriend

barry m lip paint in Baby Pink (until i can justify £22 for YSL rouge volupte!)

Made In Chelsea (trashy tv at its best. constantly tipsy posh people - it epitomises everything that I know I should hate, yet everything that i want to be. sad, but true!) 

Mumford&sons set at glasto (even if i did have to watch it on the tv rather than in the flesh)

hating:  summer solstice being over (means shorter days! feels a tad like we're giving up before summer has even started)

british weather! (2 days of sweltering heat followed by cool wind and rain. logical.)

but hey ho, on friday I am off on hols with the crew! Watch out Newquay, us midlanders are invading. Every so often Im reminded how good a bunch of friends I have. Although organising a holiday for eight people is crazy difficult, more of a military operation. I am thinking of putting it on my CV as managerial practice.




and i never felt so alive, and so dead

hullo my lovelies, (sorry I've been a bit awol recently! been too busy catching up on everybody else's lovely blogs to write my own! haha the more I read the less I feel inspired with my own efforts, a bad habit I know, but I can't be the only one who thinks like this on occasion?)

anyway I would like to share my opinion on tattoos.
I don't have any, but really would like one. Although some people can carry off the arty sketchpad look, personally I think I'll only ever have one, maybe two. I also have quite specific ideas about what I think looks pretty (enough for me to have permanently inked onto me forever, anyway!) No coloured ink, and something small and delicate. It needs to be something I'd treasure, and never hate.
I don't think age would make you regret a tattoo of your youth. If it meant something to you at the time then it would be a momento of who you were, regardless of wether or not you are still them.
Despite being at the age when quite a few of my creatively minded peers are starting to get inked, I'm determined to hold out until my 21st birthday, because I have decided that I'd like a small outline, or maybe filled in, at the nape of my neck, of a key. This key, in fact!
It's the key to a sideboard/alcohol cabinet we have in our dining room in my familys house, I remember playing with it as a kid and unlocking all the different cupboards with it. It is ornate, but real. Also 21 is traditionally the 'key-to-the-door' age.. Call me sentimental, I know haha

Lord knows what my rents would say if I just strolled through the door with a fresh tat though, so I may have to broach the subject with them at some point over the next two years...
Do you have any tattoos? Or want any?

I spent today with a buddy from 6th form, we went back in to help out with 'Higher Education Day' for the lower sixth, giving our experiences of year 1 of uni, 'the things they don't tell you' that sort of thing. It was nice but exhausting. Got home to find these beauts in the post.

Naptime now ahah, hope youre all well!


endless, endless sky

 I went to this yesterday evening, at Cheltenham Racecourse. War and Peace at Giffords Circus.

Have been a good few years in a row now, it is always so so so breathtaking. If you can go, do! x

new moccasins
yummy, and summer-y