watch out cos he'll steal your girlfriend

barry m lip paint in Baby Pink (until i can justify £22 for YSL rouge volupte!)

Made In Chelsea (trashy tv at its best. constantly tipsy posh people - it epitomises everything that I know I should hate, yet everything that i want to be. sad, but true!) 

Mumford&sons set at glasto (even if i did have to watch it on the tv rather than in the flesh)

hating:  summer solstice being over (means shorter days! feels a tad like we're giving up before summer has even started)

british weather! (2 days of sweltering heat followed by cool wind and rain. logical.)

but hey ho, on friday I am off on hols with the crew! Watch out Newquay, us midlanders are invading. Every so often Im reminded how good a bunch of friends I have. Although organising a holiday for eight people is crazy difficult, more of a military operation. I am thinking of putting it on my CV as managerial practice.



  1. Hahaha. Love the last comment. I think we should put it on our CVs :)

  2. Love that picture of the sun behind the rooftops. :) xx