close to the bone

I've been feeling so insanely inspired since reading Detox by Becky-May from The Flower Girl. She in turn was inspired by Dead Fleurette. It boils down to the idea that what sense is there in the false economy of constantly buying cheap clothes which I then either get tired of or they fall to pieces? Investing in classics you will love forever makes far more sense.

 I'm sure I've said that to myself before, but this time its aided by the fact that I have had a massive clearout and filled four charity bags with things I rarely ware or don't see myself wearing forever more. Hello guilt, for being such a horder. Recently moving out of my uni halls I realised that I brought my entire wardrobe with me in September, and then wore about 15% of it consistently. What a waste!  We've all been there, thinking 'oh but I might wear it one day…' 

So from now on, it is classic, timeless pieces. That doesn't mean they can't be fun, or to my taste! Let's face it, I will always be a little bit scruffy, and a little bit shabby. Much as I would love to dress only as Carey Mulligan in An Education, I will always have days when I've been listening to Beady Eye or Frankie and the heartstrings or watching skins, when I will just want to roll up my tshirt sleeves or the bottoms of my jeans, and lash on the necklaces. But this is fine. It's all about finding the balance. About classic pieces, not throwaway fashion. Good for my mind, good for my soul, and heaven for my bank balance! 
key classic items i'll be searching for
  • classic worn-in parka
  • navy barbour/quilted jacket
  • soft slouchy grey blazer
  • good indigo skinny jeans
  • couple of slouchy breton striped tops
  • black (hopefully slightly girly) loafers 
  • fit & flare short dresses
  • yellow slouchy shoulder bag

the idea of a capsule wardrobe is enticing. i have made a start already! any views on this? big love


  1. I'd love to do this but I KNOW I don't have the willpower, I usually get bored of clothes after one wear so I think if I spent loads of money on something I'd be even more annoyed when (which I inevitably would) I get bored of it.

    I do think it's a brilliant idea though for those much stronger than me ;) xxx

  2. good points :) I think its because Im quite lazy so I don't want to have to choose clothes in the morning! haha :)

  3. I like planning future purchases. It makes shopping more exciting, and feels more purposeful... .As of right now, I'm in desperate need of new shoes.. but the budget is low!!

    hope to hear from you*!