slowly walking down the hall, faster than a canonball

Portsmouth to be exact.

Despite the doom & gloom predicted on the news, actually it was pretty good results all round with most of my friends getting into their choice uni too. So after a good night out to celebrate, it has only just sunk in that in less than a month I have to go.
Sad face.

Everyone around me is incredibly excited, but all I seem to be is petrified. Oh well...I guess theres never a right time to leave home?


hey little sister just slow down slow down

how gorgeous?

kimchi & blue tie-side crosshatch pant, from Urban Outfitters, the website of which I am idly scouring because its raining outside.
but at £48, poor little unemployed me might be saving for some time.




carlos, you are fine

Last night I watched A Single Man. Don't tell me I'm a zillion lightyears behind the rest of humanity, because I know. Still, I had spent the day gloriously at home baking blueberry cake, and so I felt like I needed to do something a little more sophisticated.

And it was lovely. Truly lovely.

As an admirer of the innate panache of Tom Ford anyway, I'm not exactly breaking any new ground if I use the word stylish, it doesn't even need to be said. But it was more than that, it had real substance, by half
way through I was transfixed and by the end, i'm not afraid to say, I may have even cried a little.
If you haven't got around to seeing it yet, please please do.
Even if its just because its pretty. (which in my opinion is a totally valid reason for doing anything anyway. but whatever)



i can't sail my yacht.

he's taken everything i've got.
all i've got is this sunny afternoon.

are roses blue and violets red?

oh hi there.
did someone say busy?

in the last 3 weeks I have been jumping about on a beach in newquay, cornwall, with friends from 6th form...

...soaking up the sun in italy and watching it set over monaco
(its twice as beautiful as whatever you're imagining right now)

...and i'm just home from glittering it up in a tent with my best friend at Big Chill festival
(my first ever proper grown up camping festival, win! ..plus the goddess that is Paloma Faith)

and now i am sat, reunited with my laptop after what feels like forever, painting my nails lilac and flipping through this months Harpers Bazaar (there is an article on the Primrose Hill set that not only quotes Vile Bodies, my favorite book ever, but almost makes me wish I was born a decade earlier. almost.)
home just in time for exam results.


i know nobody really reads this, but i hope to post some more stuff soon.
just for shits and giggles.