carlos, you are fine

Last night I watched A Single Man. Don't tell me I'm a zillion lightyears behind the rest of humanity, because I know. Still, I had spent the day gloriously at home baking blueberry cake, and so I felt like I needed to do something a little more sophisticated.

And it was lovely. Truly lovely.

As an admirer of the innate panache of Tom Ford anyway, I'm not exactly breaking any new ground if I use the word stylish, it doesn't even need to be said. But it was more than that, it had real substance, by half
way through I was transfixed and by the end, i'm not afraid to say, I may have even cried a little.
If you haven't got around to seeing it yet, please please do.
Even if its just because its pretty. (which in my opinion is a totally valid reason for doing anything anyway. but whatever)



  1. Oh yes, I'm recovered from camping, I was so tired when I got home! Anyway I better be recovered as I going camping again tomorrow! Ahha. ;)
    What about you? I see you've had a hectic summer so far: ITALY?! Now, I'M jealous. :)
    Oh yus, I got my Diana as an 18th birthday present from my boyfriend, he was too kind.
    It is pretty simple, there's only ever three settings you need to change (on my F+ version) but I still manage to forget to adjust the focus sometimes... Which makes me be all like: damnit! And get out of focus photos.
    I'm only one my third roll, and an saving currently to get my second roll actually developed.
    It's all good fun though, trial and error, and I carry her everywhere with me, and people are always 'aww' and 'wow' over her, which is never a bad thing. Ahha. ;)

  2. PS. I've wanted to see A Single Man for ages! :)