nutella mug cake

get in my life.
need to make this.

diana deux

beach ones.
(southsea deserted in the rain, though...wanna go back in the sun!)

hope youre all well x

cape! cape!

I'm sorry, but Topshop reduced this to £25 from £75? I resisted when I saw it on Sunday, but then had to go back on Monday. I thought 'if its still there, it's mine', and it was, soooo....
Not exactly weather appropriate considering spring has officially sprung (yayayay!), but next autumn I'm sorted for swishing about like Sherlock Holmes :) haha.. Although I'm concerned that I'll feel too dressed up to just go to lectures in it =/ Oh well I suppose I might need to go somewhere nice one day... Oh and lets not talk about my hair in the photos, yeh? it was late...

Thankyou Toppers! x


this is my new tumblr account
i might use it
i might not use it

we'll see.

also, my blog has had a makeover! i think it feels so much fresher and brighter like this, to me anyway. but tell me what you bitches think? cheers my dears x

diana une

wintery ones.

I got my diana for christmas and I wasn't expecting my first roll to be any good.. and to be honest it wasnt there was a LOTTT of solid blackness hahaha.. but hey, I'm learning and at least now I can see what I did wrong. Can't wait to use her in the bright summer sunshine.
On a sidenote I am NEVER GOING TO JESSOPS AGAIN UGH and neither will you if you have any sense; so expensive, took over a month when they said 7-10 working days, and was served by the snootiest girl ever. :( i dont even normally get fussed about stuff like that, but they really took the biscuit. In future think I'll try a different shop and scan them in myself :) 

really happy though




for reals, this has genuinely happened to me.


when you smile those sad eyes

Some nice inspirational pictures collected from around the internets, mainly tumblr, because I'm feeling quite inspired today. (unfortunately not inspired enough to start work on my cw portfolio though…well not until I've had some more coffee anyway.)

  One day I will learn that in my uni halls they test the fire alarms on wednesday mornings. I jump every single time, and this wednesday I was asleep which made it a million times worse. They choose to do it at about ten o clock on my day off! How inconsiderate. On the plus side, enough change for laundry? Woohoo, the life of a student. Can't complain though, I've had some riotous nights out this week, and I'm insanely glad that none of my friends down here are too snap happy!

  Did you see the hunting scarves that COW vintage posted on their blog this week? I would snap one up if I were anywhere near a COW shop. Oh man, a gander in their Birmingham store is definitely on my to do list when I get home for easter!

  Some people are getting me all confused at the moment. I'm struggling slightly with the idea that things are happening now that I could really have done with happening two years ago! It makes me wonder, much as I appreciate how lovely everything is now, couldn't it equally have happened then? But maybe it wasnt possible, maybe time is needed. I suppose you can't rush things, you have to wait and see how they unfold. This is the annoying thing about imagination, it might makes my studies easier but it messes with your way-romanticised view of the world! I'm just going to tell myself that fate works in mysterious ways :)

  I hope (if your lovely selves are in the uk!) that you've all been enjoying the brief spell of beautiful sunshine we've been having! This is when I am insanely grateful that I decided to move to the seaside; sipping cherry coke on the common, bliss :)



songs are as sad as the listener

'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close' by Jonathan Safran Foer is one of my absolute favorite books in the world. Just saying.

Because in an effort to avoid doing all uni work I have exhausted the content of 4OD and iPlayer, I decided to go back and re-read the small selection of books I bought with me to uni.
Shamefully this plan got less and less enthusiastic as the weather down here in Pompey got sunnier and sunnier... but hey ho, I still feel the need to tell you about this book. (YES OK originally this post was intended for world book night/day but that was hmm 2 weeks ago, and I never wrote it. Blah.)

It is the story of Oskar Schell, a young hmm shall we say eccentric boy living in NYC in 2001/2002 time. His father has died in the 9/11 attacks, and after finding a key in his dads wardrobe he is on a mission to discover what it unlocks - by trying it in every lock in New York. But its not even the story, its the way its written, it is so so beautiful and touching. Some pages only have one word on, or are blank. Sometimes Oskar talks to himself or to nobody or just doesn't use a full stop for pages at a time, because thats how people talk in real life. When Oskar is feeling sad, he says he has 'heavy boots', which I think is just perfect. In fact some of my favourite phrases/quotes are from this book, including “I shook my tambourine the whole time, because it helped me remember that even though I was going through different neighborhoods, I was still me.” 
Theres a character who forgets how to speak, so uses exercise books to write what he wants to say; there are some words he always flips back to though, like something and nothing, and yes and no which he has tattoo'd on the palms of each hand.

Shamefully, despite buying this book a few years ago and rereading it several times, I've still not read anything else by Jonathan Safran Foer. Hope to correct this soon!  (I study creative writing as part of my uni course and I can't tell you how much the things I write are influenced by his style.)  In the meantime I hope you all go buy or borrow this book, its a beaut.

Next on my reading list:  The Pursuit of Love - Nancy Mitford
The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky 
Brighton Rock - Graham Greene

Lets see how long it takes me to get round to those eh? :) Are any of you reading anything good at the moment? I'd love to know!! xx


because i'm sure you're all utterly fascinated with the colour of my hair, i thought i'd show these lil snaps. 
I wish i'd done this when it was long, think it would have looked nicer, oh well. And its a tad ginger, which I expressly told it not to be on my twitter. I figure if I just do it a few more times as it grows, eventually it will go more platinum-blonde? 
(what I'd really like is properly white/grey blonde, but that would mean something like Manic Panic flash lightening kit and that scares me a bit. If anybody has used it and could give me a review, I'd be very grateful?)

I've talked more about my hair than I intended to. Ugh. Sorry!!

Today I bought fresh strawberries, they have made my life.

Also got the Vaccines album the other day, Wetsuit is my new favourite, makes me just want it to be summer nowww! :)

And please join me in feeling the love for Patrick Wolf, and his dreamy video for the City.



once you've seen it, you can't un-see it.

favorite thing.
because beautiful as owls are, they fundamentally look hungover.


we're all just matter that will one day scatter

  hellloooo my lovelies, how are we all? I went home this weekend (nobody should go a whole 6 weeks without sleeping in their own bed haha) back to lovely Droitwich Worcestershire which was just lush. I saw my grandparents, went to le pub, and made pancakes with the mothership. If you follow me on twitter I mentioned that on Saturday night I went to my local theatre to see a musical that a couple of my trusty girlies were in, which was adorbs. The theatre was full of old people and I befriended the lovely old lady sitting next to me (glamorous grandma's are pretty much my style icons - when I turn up with a new purchase of a headscarf, knitted monstrosity or ugly shoes my mum refers to it as 'granny chic') and to be honest it was a scream. I'm back in Pompey until the easter break now and I've come back to an essay which I really must write because THE DEADLINE IS FRIDAY OH MY GOD and I GET ANOTHER ASSIGNMENT SET TOMORROW MORNING UUUGH STRESS.

  I hope you have all had nice weekends too, and hopefully will have a calmer week than the one I have looming!!



lemon drizzle

today someone spoke to me on facebook who i havent spoken to in a good few months, maybe years
it was strange
but nice strange
 this week I have picked my units for next year (playwriting, screenwriting, literary adaptation, newspaper reviewing, fashion & film - one step closer to being the new anna wintour! haha)

I've resisted going out all week because this weekend will be a biggun, plus a few birthdays next week. hello overdraft, nice to see you again! ;)
Its okay though, because secretly I want to be a granny. I'm fine with a cup of tea (as IF we ever have milk) and some good tv - The Model
Agency, The Tudors and Corrie being my picks this week.

Plan for tonight is seminar prep, cook dinner, Dirty Dancing, early night. Living on the wild side, right? ;)

Have good evenings, chicadeee's!