diana une

wintery ones.

I got my diana for christmas and I wasn't expecting my first roll to be any good.. and to be honest it wasnt there was a LOTTT of solid blackness hahaha.. but hey, I'm learning and at least now I can see what I did wrong. Can't wait to use her in the bright summer sunshine.
On a sidenote I am NEVER GOING TO JESSOPS AGAIN UGH and neither will you if you have any sense; so expensive, took over a month when they said 7-10 working days, and was served by the snootiest girl ever. :( i dont even normally get fussed about stuff like that, but they really took the biscuit. In future think I'll try a different shop and scan them in myself :) 

really happy though



  1. ahh, sweet! these look brilliant, i really like the second one down :)
    also, it's a shame you were messed around! gah. anyway, these look so good, i'm glad you're still going to take more! :)

  2. Gorgeous photos :) love the one of my camera and the one above ! x