lemon drizzle

today someone spoke to me on facebook who i havent spoken to in a good few months, maybe years
it was strange
but nice strange
 this week I have picked my units for next year (playwriting, screenwriting, literary adaptation, newspaper reviewing, fashion & film - one step closer to being the new anna wintour! haha)

I've resisted going out all week because this weekend will be a biggun, plus a few birthdays next week. hello overdraft, nice to see you again! ;)
Its okay though, because secretly I want to be a granny. I'm fine with a cup of tea (as IF we ever have milk) and some good tv - The Model
Agency, The Tudors and Corrie being my picks this week.

Plan for tonight is seminar prep, cook dinner, Dirty Dancing, early night. Living on the wild side, right? ;)

Have good evenings, chicadeee's!


  1. the units you've pickd are really cool, they sound real interesting to study :)

  2. Can't help but be reminded of Kat Dennings after seeing your photos!

  3. Oh, that's right. You're in the UK! I suppose I shouldn't expect people from all walks of life to be up to speed with American pop-culture. ;)

    By the way, I do enjoy your youtube channel for GregoryKimberleyMoss. I'm not sure whether or not you girls are still active on there, but I subscribed through my band's channel in the event you post new content.

  4. That's true! I should then, too, be shamed. Looks like I must now try to expand on my knowledge of English culture to retain credibility within your neck of the blogging community!