when you smile those sad eyes

Some nice inspirational pictures collected from around the internets, mainly tumblr, because I'm feeling quite inspired today. (unfortunately not inspired enough to start work on my cw portfolio though…well not until I've had some more coffee anyway.)

  One day I will learn that in my uni halls they test the fire alarms on wednesday mornings. I jump every single time, and this wednesday I was asleep which made it a million times worse. They choose to do it at about ten o clock on my day off! How inconsiderate. On the plus side, enough change for laundry? Woohoo, the life of a student. Can't complain though, I've had some riotous nights out this week, and I'm insanely glad that none of my friends down here are too snap happy!

  Did you see the hunting scarves that COW vintage posted on their blog this week? I would snap one up if I were anywhere near a COW shop. Oh man, a gander in their Birmingham store is definitely on my to do list when I get home for easter!

  Some people are getting me all confused at the moment. I'm struggling slightly with the idea that things are happening now that I could really have done with happening two years ago! It makes me wonder, much as I appreciate how lovely everything is now, couldn't it equally have happened then? But maybe it wasnt possible, maybe time is needed. I suppose you can't rush things, you have to wait and see how they unfold. This is the annoying thing about imagination, it might makes my studies easier but it messes with your way-romanticised view of the world! I'm just going to tell myself that fate works in mysterious ways :)

  I hope (if your lovely selves are in the uk!) that you've all been enjoying the brief spell of beautiful sunshine we've been having! This is when I am insanely grateful that I decided to move to the seaside; sipping cherry coke on the common, bliss :)



  1. Lovely inspiration! Also, love the title. I adore Bat For Lashes.

  2. Very inspirational images, beautiful
    I need to be inspired to work too :(

    This weather must be beautiful by the sea