we're all just matter that will one day scatter

  hellloooo my lovelies, how are we all? I went home this weekend (nobody should go a whole 6 weeks without sleeping in their own bed haha) back to lovely Droitwich Worcestershire which was just lush. I saw my grandparents, went to le pub, and made pancakes with the mothership. If you follow me on twitter I mentioned that on Saturday night I went to my local theatre to see a musical that a couple of my trusty girlies were in, which was adorbs. The theatre was full of old people and I befriended the lovely old lady sitting next to me (glamorous grandma's are pretty much my style icons - when I turn up with a new purchase of a headscarf, knitted monstrosity or ugly shoes my mum refers to it as 'granny chic') and to be honest it was a scream. I'm back in Pompey until the easter break now and I've come back to an essay which I really must write because THE DEADLINE IS FRIDAY OH MY GOD and I GET ANOTHER ASSIGNMENT SET TOMORROW MORNING UUUGH STRESS.

  I hope you have all had nice weekends too, and hopefully will have a calmer week than the one I have looming!!


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  1. I wonder if sweatpants with suggestive phrases stamped on the backside will be considered "granny chic" at some point in the future.