cape! cape!

I'm sorry, but Topshop reduced this to £25 from £75? I resisted when I saw it on Sunday, but then had to go back on Monday. I thought 'if its still there, it's mine', and it was, soooo....
Not exactly weather appropriate considering spring has officially sprung (yayayay!), but next autumn I'm sorted for swishing about like Sherlock Holmes :) haha.. Although I'm concerned that I'll feel too dressed up to just go to lectures in it =/ Oh well I suppose I might need to go somewhere nice one day... Oh and lets not talk about my hair in the photos, yeh? it was late...

Thankyou Toppers! x


  1. I Love Love Love you capey! :D :D :D and no think with a wooly scarf it would smarty but casual... :D :) xxx

  2. That is sooo gorgeous! love a good topshop bargain :)

  3. That is an absolute bargain! It would be wrong to resist that, it looks so good on you!

  4. I'm so jealous it hurts :(

  5. That is AMAZING. you lucky thing. Sherlock Holmes coat is just beautiful, bet you can't wait til autumn haha! :))
    and who cares about it being a bit fancy, no one told Sherlock he looked too fancy in his cape!! ;D xxx