drink, anyone?

I saw these the other day, Dita von Teese on bottles and cans of Perrier's new "Paparazzi" sparkling water. The idea is quite exciting - Dita certainly has an individual style, and imagine how great the results could be of collaberations with normally soulless corporations with such bright creative minds.
But..well look at them. How dull. In my opinion, they've made no effort.

I know, I know. I don't think I've ever seen anyone drinking Perrier either. The only place I can imagine it is place artfully on the corner of a fashion-magazine editors desk. But then I found these...
Back in April, the unquestioned genius that is a certain Mr Karl Lagerfeld designed these bottles for coke. Now that is an effort. He designed an opaque silver-white bottle with a hot pink and black colour scheme. I especially adore the signature, and he even shot the cute-as-a-button ad campaign himself. If anythings going to make you drink coca-cola its that, right?
I really hope this is the start of celebrated designers and creatives lending a hand to brighten up everyday consumer products. It might be shallow, but its also tres chic.



oh hi, study leave

yesterday, I left 6th form.
I went to the pub.
I temporarily forgot.

But now i've realised, its actually over, i've actually left college..as in forever. This hasn't quite hit me yet, and I don't know whether I'm sad, excited or petrified. And I have a bloody massive headache.
Still, to get me through exam leave i have daytime tv, plenty of tea, and 17's new orange soda nail varnish to remind me its almost summer. Come on. We can do this.



today i appear to have inadvertently dressed like taylor momsen.
only less skinny.
& less blonde.& less thick.


one for himself, one for me too, and one of these days he'll make one for you

went to florence and the machine gig.
she is even more beautiful in the flesh, and painfully talented.

mm bop, fashion

Just bought the cutest cardigan, after looking for one for a while, so I had to show it to the world.
sunday morning snugglessssss


blast from the past

whatever happened to Jesse Bradford?
I had to imdb that shizz. used to love that guy.. MAN i really am from the nineties.



house party?

when i get a house, this is what ma house will look like.



I AM 18!!
as of yesterday! can not express how happy I am about this.

(also, check my beeeautiful birthday present.)