I am in love. With a camera.

Anybody who has ever had to venture out in public with me will realise that if an opportunity presents itself for me to whip out a camera and take some arty photos then NOTHING will stop me. Not even my friends moans of "oh god, do you have to?" and "uhhh please stop?".
So I apologise to anybody I have ever embarrassed (Katie, for making you stop still in the middle of a hugely busy street at the christmas market just because there were fairy lights; Kim, for making you sit on endless benches) thanks for understanding. But the obsession will not stop.
Because my camera, a golden-coloured canon digital camera (with canon you can.), is my baby and I love love love it. But - and by typing this I almost feel I am betraying it, it is currently plugged into my laptop, looking at me in a dissapointed fashion - I would sell my soul to add to my collection a Diana Mini.

Mmm well, ok, bit dramatic. But I have told myself that if I can pass my driving test soon/do well in my exams/can contrive another excuse I will pay the extraordinary fee..
Why? Why do I feel the need to own this camera? A film camera, which I know nothing about and would have to learn to use from scratch, not to mention the cost of getting film developed?

=O Basically the camera, now made by photography company Lomography, is a remodel of the origional 1960's camera, which was known for being pretty cheap and letting a lot of light seep into the film. That combined with the lense and everything being made out of plastic results in the images having this amahhzing dream-like look. It LOOKS like summer, no? ;)
I am assured by many fan-blogs and official micro-sites that with my desired Diana Mini (which, despite its price of £65 it is still more affordable than the DianaF+, its big sister) you can split the frame to take two side-by-side shots, which frankly I don't think would ever stop amusing me.

Wellll it'll be several months, even years, before I manage to save up enough spare change to get one of these, but you've got to have an aim right?
(rocketbooms lomography tribute, if you're interested?: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNUHFJ5nLWw )



lightbulb moment.

have you ever read anything more true than this?
the opposite of talking is not listening, the opposite of talking is waiting - fran lebowitz

I mean, genuinely, just listen to the conversations of the people around you (without getting involved in them if you can help it) and you will hear this in action.. It works so perfectly that the first time you do it its kind of hysterically funny, until you realise how weighty/borderline depressing it really is. I'm not claiming nobody EVER listens to you when you talk, they do. But the truth is that in conversation you already KNOW what the next thing you want to say will be...then when the other person has spoken, you say it. So you hear people start to say a sentence, get interrupted, wait whilst the interrupter finishes, and then they say that origional sentence anyway! Its a scary thought-- do we really disregard such a large percentage of what our friends say to us? Are we really capable of being that headstrong?
Its sort of an unwritten rule, which is what makes it so weird when you begin to notice it.

Just a thought of the day likeee :) I just thought it was interesting. Shall I go back to being shallow now? OK. ;D

Tim Minchin is making an animated short film?
Oooh, yes please. :) Its his fault that I went to bed so late last night, due to his live show being on tv. Damn your wit, and your mesmirising hair.



curiouser & curiouser.

Does anyone else think it feels like the 1960s? There is NO traffic, you can walk on the roads, and if some determined soul has taken an ill-advised trip out in their car...well the chances are they aren't going above 5mph anyway. I truly feel like we've travelled back in time.
So I loaded up my new satchel with my trusty old camera, a mini tripod and a thermos of coffee, put on 2 pairs of gloves and 3 scarves (no exaggeration), and marched off down my road. Needless to say as soon as I arrived at the park I slipped, landed not-so-gracefully on my arse, and sloshed coffee everywhere. Well I knew my day couldn't be quite as serene as I'd imagined from my nice warm bedroom this morning.
But it was pretty much deserted. I can only imagine all the little kids had dragged their parents out sledging far far earlier than I'd appeared, and burnt themselves out by this time.
So aside from a couple of friendly dog walkers who said hello and looked at me suspiciously, I was undisturbed as I snapped my way through the scenery.

Now. I need to make some hot food, watch some daytime TV, and contemplate doing some revision.
That and my laptop battery is running out.


chill your bones.


And why exactly is it that a snowfall regresses relatively sane 17-year-olds right back to childhood again? :)
The walk home from college was just one huge snowball fight. And to be honest, it was less of a walk, more of a slide. But it snows so rarely round here that we have to make the most of it when it does, I suppose.
And apparently its going to snow again tomorrow! :) Better dig out my gloves and put the baileys in the hot chocolate. This could get messy.


totally, abracadabra, wow.

you know how theres always a couple of days near the end of a week off, especially at christmas/new years, when your friends are away and you've eaten all the selection boxes.. its about the same time that you're staring at the pile of schoolwork that you should really have done by now and yet haven't.
well its days like those that something in me thinks it would be a good idea to go on the internet at 9 in the morning, WRONG because i then spend the entire day procrastinating, watching 'related videos' which aren't related at all, clicking the 'random article' button on wikipedia, rediscovering websites i used to love.
cocoperez, thisiswhyyou'refat, welikethreads, craigslist, tumblr, twitterfall, obsessively checking blogger, hotmail, youtube subscriptions, facebook, imdb, nme. I CAN'T STOP!!!

but the point of this blog is actually to express my new found love for Skins, series 1 of which I ended up watching in its entirety in one day. yup.
so theres another bandwagon i'm late jumping on to. i watched the new cast series 3 but realised i'd never seen the origional ones and i love love lovedddd them :)
BUT i especially love the character of Cassie...she's so...sort of perfect, and sort of majorly fucked up.
"i like things that i like, but i love everything."
not to mention, and i'm sorry to drag this down to the level of vanity again, (but, meh, my blog, fuck you) i larrrrve her look!
she has exactly the look i'd rock if i had money. all late night NY diners and straw boaters. hannah murray i bow down to you.
you see? THIS is why i should not be allowed near the internet!

ps. twoyoutubevideosandamotherfuckingcrossfader.com
theres nothing like it.