I am in love. With a camera.

Anybody who has ever had to venture out in public with me will realise that if an opportunity presents itself for me to whip out a camera and take some arty photos then NOTHING will stop me. Not even my friends moans of "oh god, do you have to?" and "uhhh please stop?".
So I apologise to anybody I have ever embarrassed (Katie, for making you stop still in the middle of a hugely busy street at the christmas market just because there were fairy lights; Kim, for making you sit on endless benches) thanks for understanding. But the obsession will not stop.
Because my camera, a golden-coloured canon digital camera (with canon you can.), is my baby and I love love love it. But - and by typing this I almost feel I am betraying it, it is currently plugged into my laptop, looking at me in a dissapointed fashion - I would sell my soul to add to my collection a Diana Mini.

Mmm well, ok, bit dramatic. But I have told myself that if I can pass my driving test soon/do well in my exams/can contrive another excuse I will pay the extraordinary fee..
Why? Why do I feel the need to own this camera? A film camera, which I know nothing about and would have to learn to use from scratch, not to mention the cost of getting film developed?

=O Basically the camera, now made by photography company Lomography, is a remodel of the origional 1960's camera, which was known for being pretty cheap and letting a lot of light seep into the film. That combined with the lense and everything being made out of plastic results in the images having this amahhzing dream-like look. It LOOKS like summer, no? ;)
I am assured by many fan-blogs and official micro-sites that with my desired Diana Mini (which, despite its price of £65 it is still more affordable than the DianaF+, its big sister) you can split the frame to take two side-by-side shots, which frankly I don't think would ever stop amusing me.

Wellll it'll be several months, even years, before I manage to save up enough spare change to get one of these, but you've got to have an aim right?
(rocketbooms lomography tribute, if you're interested?: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNUHFJ5nLWw )



  1. The joys of splitting the image in half my dear, you get double your picture for the same moneys as normal :) so thats 48 pictures instead of 24 for a £5 or so... i'm in love with the dianas but same problemo with no cashio :(