its okay Pluto, i'm not a planet either :'(


Yusss I stopped saying "I really must write a blog", sat down, and wrote a blog! And now you're reading it! AHH, oh its all too much.

Last week I managed to pass my driving test, and thank god I managed it first time because that is NOT an experience I EVER wish to repeat =/ You'd think I'd be used to exams by now but man I was nervous..mainly because the examiner I got was scary in the extreme.. thankfully I got a fairly lucky route etc. Buhh I don't want to think about it any more. :) Freedom!
I've recently been reading the autobiography of a certain Stephen Fry, who, uncool as it may be, is pretty much my idol- standing for being better at life, never apologising for things which dont concern anybody but you, and its comforting to know nobody is perfect. Read the book & you'll see what I mean ;)
I have a general love of books. I don't want to turn this into a reading list or anything, but I'm a geek.
"no furniture is as comforting as books - even if you never open them or read a word" - Reverend Sydney Smith..(sometime in the early 1800s I think.)
I grew up on Teddy Robinson, Robert Louis Stephenson and Louis Carol, I like PG Woodhouse and Sherlock Holmes, I recently bought the works of Oscar Wilde, and I like Jane Austen, Alison Wier & Gideon Mack..Jane Eyre is pretty much my favorite book, and I just found a dubious PDF of E.M.Forsters notes on the english character..erm, don't know if I should admit to that actually..=/

I WISH I was more well read. I wish I was one of those people who could just seamlessly drop literary quotes into their conversation.
But I like that books don't have to be 'noble' - if its touching, sweet or funny I don't care if its Russell Brands autobiography or bloody Shakespeare. Reading nylon, supersuper and glamour magazine TOTALLY COUNTS! :D (Although for the record, I adore Russell Brand far more than I like Shakespeare.) ;)

Not a lot beats blogs though. Few people could get away with publishing a book entirely devoted to cupcakes.

I think I need a cup of tea.

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