all, all taped together

My hand hurts, because of the massive bruise on its side. I am wearing a cardigan that smells of beer, and am so very very tired.. all because last night we went to see the NME tour gig at the o2 academy venue in Birmingham.
The Drums threw some shapes, The Big Pink made some ears bleed, Bombay Bicycle Club jumped around being pretty, and The Maccabees got the crowd all excited. :) All the while we danced around like crazy motherlickers. Top gig.
I didn't exactly need any encouragement to see Bombay Bicle Club again, but they were outstanding as always, despite us being painfully rammed by excessively tall indie men. =/ And I was really impressed by The Drums, they had sooo much energy! And nice hair. Always a plus.
So aside from the near-crushed-to-death bits, which were frequent, it was pretty freakin awesome. :)

Also, this is the last blog I will ever type upon my long-suffering laptop. :( Despite being my beloved computer for the past 4 years, it has given up all hope of life, with the screen having gone all pink and green and weird. As a result I have a shiny new macbook in a box downstairs, waiting to be set up.. exciting, but its the end of an era!!

Right, now I have to go tidy my room because I have forgotten what colour the floor is.

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