hurry up and wait

I simply cannot believe how brutal I've just been, whilst having a massive wardrobe clear out.
The idea was to get rid of anything and everything that I do not wear regularly, or haven't worn in the last year (and, if I'm honest abut this, so that I have an excuse to buy a whole load of newer, nicer stuff for summer).
But I was frankly startled by the amount of stuff I have from 3, 4, 5 years ago (at my age thats a long time) which I rarely ever wear. This shit made up a good 50% of my wardrobe. When you look at something every singe day you don't really notice it - so when I was looking closer I was just kind of bowled over by the amount of stuff I have in general. Stuff I don't need, don't wear, don't like. And to be honest I felt kind of guilty.
When I was done I can only describe my bed as resembling a total jumblesale - I can't even remember why I bought some of the stuff, let alone what I thought I looked like in it. Some of it I did really like, but I just can't see myself in any more. So its all off to charity shops! Lucky them!!
Now I am sooo not against consumerism: I'm always after the perfect new item to complete my wardrobe. I'm never happy with what I've got (especially for the last year or so when my look has changed dramatically from what it ever was before). But doing this really made me realise how much I don't need, I can't recommend it enough. So cathartic!
Plus, in future I will only be buying key pieces that I can wear over and over in hundreds of different ways.
I promise!!


i found this line in a book, possibly the prettiest description of a girl ever?? ")
"she had entered the phase of smoking Sobranie cigarettes, using green and black nail polish, wearing fringy silks and delighting in that strange mixture of the Bloomsbury and the pre-Raphaelite which characterises a certain kind of girl with an artistic temperament and nowhere to put it."

and finally, I am totally crushing on Reverend & The Makers album "the state of things" at the moment - its from a couple of years ago now I think, but I stole it off a pile of cds my dad had got off a friend and having only really heard the name before I was blown awayyyy.. its a bit rockier than I would normally venture, but OH MAN - the gritty lyrics, the northern drawl..theyre so honest, and catchy.. i am spreading the love!
I do this. I go through phases with bands. hahaa

p.s.. i never did buy that lomography camera. ima start saving.


skag trendy.

here is the big question: why can a girl never find anything decent to wear to a party?? or to anything, actually.
its as if all my clothes conspire against me! nothing is the right length, right colour, or right style. Of course I am perfectly aware that in context there are way worse issues in the world, but is it really so hard to find a dress that goes with my shoeboots??? If only i could afford a little Chanel, or a dash of Moschino. Aah well, i guess one thing about being skint (& demoralized) is it makes you bargain hunt to find special things for as little dosh as possible.
Of course I, along with pretty much every other right thinking girl I know, gave up on ever being appropriately dressed long ago. You can guarantee that whatever you pick will be inappropriately short, or everyone else will have followed some unwritten guidelines that you somehow missed out on. So I guess there comes a point when you just have to accept it and, if anything, commit to it.
If I'm inevitably going to be inappropriately dressed, then I will damn well be THE most inappropriately dressed person IN that room! Right? ;D
aha, okay so maybe I overexaggerate a liiiiittle bit.

and sure, when you get there everyone will be so caned they won't notice your outfit choice anyway… but there is such a thing as facebook. you will at some point be posted, tagged, and judged.
never has 'i have nothing to wear!' been more appropriately used :D



i'm all bout dat.


they hate eachothers guts, but they love to jive.

dear life,
when i grow up…

i want to be emma watson, florence welch and paloma faith, all rolled up into one high-waisted ruffle-edged style bomb. i will only wear clothes featured in the sunday times fashion supplement. most mornings i will still be in the eyeliner from the night before, but nobody will mind. i will do frump-chic, vintage tees, and floral printed tea dresses with fuckoff work boots.

i will NEVER dress appropriately for the place i'm going (never ever), and if i see somebody else in the same skirt as me I WILL attack. (its like, in girl code, or something.)
backcombing, pastels, tulle, lace-socks, channel lips and cheap jewels.

i will zoom about wherever it is that i happen to live on my pushbike in breton stripes, probably carrying a baguette, i imagine. my laptop will be on at all times, but assuming i am somewhere with no internet i will have my paperchase notebook handy too.

there will be charming boys in button-down shirts, and plenty of beer.
if i'm honest, i haven't really given an awful lot of thought to how i will fund this idealised, oh-so-stylish lifestyle, but i'm sure whatever job it is it'll be lovely.

everyone has an image of their perfect life. i know its not that simple, but even if it never comes true (more-than-likely scenario) its nice to have it in your head


i walk past his desk in heels

i am now fully recovered from the last gig, and i'm itching to get to another. no matter how much i might complain at the time, about the pain and the heat, there actually is nothing on earth like jumping up and down in an uncontrollable crowd.

i have decided that Bright Young Things might just be the best film ever made: as well has having some of my favorite actors ever (Michael Sheen, Fenella Woolgar, Stephen Campbell Moore...etc) I origionally bought it because a) it is directed by Stephen Fry and b) the cover looked good. Both important when choosing a dvd ;)
But it really is an incredible film.. i love love love it.

so this year i combatted the traditional post valentines stress disorder by raiding my money bank and scraping together the coppers for a cinema ticket and a pizza avec les girlies, which was really nice for single saddos like me. :) i also ran into an old friend briefly at the train station (a friend who doesn't even live in this country yo!) which was totally unexpected, really pleasant and restored my faith in coincidence. with all the stressful crap going on in the teenage life of moi and those around me, its nice to think things might happen for a reason.

Depending on who you ask, today is considered the first day of spring. Which makes me want to sing Noah and The Whale songs and go for a picnic. I can't believe that this winter we've had more snow since...well since ever, really. I mean it was fun for a while, but then it went too far. In new york they're calling it snowmageddon/snowpocalypse.

all i see is drizzle.
hurry up springtime! i've got cheap red sunglasses and a bottle of JD, and i'm waiting for yoooouu!!