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I simply cannot believe how brutal I've just been, whilst having a massive wardrobe clear out.
The idea was to get rid of anything and everything that I do not wear regularly, or haven't worn in the last year (and, if I'm honest abut this, so that I have an excuse to buy a whole load of newer, nicer stuff for summer).
But I was frankly startled by the amount of stuff I have from 3, 4, 5 years ago (at my age thats a long time) which I rarely ever wear. This shit made up a good 50% of my wardrobe. When you look at something every singe day you don't really notice it - so when I was looking closer I was just kind of bowled over by the amount of stuff I have in general. Stuff I don't need, don't wear, don't like. And to be honest I felt kind of guilty.
When I was done I can only describe my bed as resembling a total jumblesale - I can't even remember why I bought some of the stuff, let alone what I thought I looked like in it. Some of it I did really like, but I just can't see myself in any more. So its all off to charity shops! Lucky them!!
Now I am sooo not against consumerism: I'm always after the perfect new item to complete my wardrobe. I'm never happy with what I've got (especially for the last year or so when my look has changed dramatically from what it ever was before). But doing this really made me realise how much I don't need, I can't recommend it enough. So cathartic!
Plus, in future I will only be buying key pieces that I can wear over and over in hundreds of different ways.
I promise!!


i found this line in a book, possibly the prettiest description of a girl ever?? ")
"she had entered the phase of smoking Sobranie cigarettes, using green and black nail polish, wearing fringy silks and delighting in that strange mixture of the Bloomsbury and the pre-Raphaelite which characterises a certain kind of girl with an artistic temperament and nowhere to put it."

and finally, I am totally crushing on Reverend & The Makers album "the state of things" at the moment - its from a couple of years ago now I think, but I stole it off a pile of cds my dad had got off a friend and having only really heard the name before I was blown awayyyy.. its a bit rockier than I would normally venture, but OH MAN - the gritty lyrics, the northern drawl..theyre so honest, and catchy.. i am spreading the love!
I do this. I go through phases with bands. hahaa

p.s.. i never did buy that lomography camera. ima start saving.

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