skag trendy.

here is the big question: why can a girl never find anything decent to wear to a party?? or to anything, actually.
its as if all my clothes conspire against me! nothing is the right length, right colour, or right style. Of course I am perfectly aware that in context there are way worse issues in the world, but is it really so hard to find a dress that goes with my shoeboots??? If only i could afford a little Chanel, or a dash of Moschino. Aah well, i guess one thing about being skint (& demoralized) is it makes you bargain hunt to find special things for as little dosh as possible.
Of course I, along with pretty much every other right thinking girl I know, gave up on ever being appropriately dressed long ago. You can guarantee that whatever you pick will be inappropriately short, or everyone else will have followed some unwritten guidelines that you somehow missed out on. So I guess there comes a point when you just have to accept it and, if anything, commit to it.
If I'm inevitably going to be inappropriately dressed, then I will damn well be THE most inappropriately dressed person IN that room! Right? ;D
aha, okay so maybe I overexaggerate a liiiiittle bit.

and sure, when you get there everyone will be so caned they won't notice your outfit choice anyway… but there is such a thing as facebook. you will at some point be posted, tagged, and judged.
never has 'i have nothing to wear!' been more appropriately used :D

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