i walk past his desk in heels

i am now fully recovered from the last gig, and i'm itching to get to another. no matter how much i might complain at the time, about the pain and the heat, there actually is nothing on earth like jumping up and down in an uncontrollable crowd.

i have decided that Bright Young Things might just be the best film ever made: as well has having some of my favorite actors ever (Michael Sheen, Fenella Woolgar, Stephen Campbell Moore...etc) I origionally bought it because a) it is directed by Stephen Fry and b) the cover looked good. Both important when choosing a dvd ;)
But it really is an incredible film.. i love love love it.

so this year i combatted the traditional post valentines stress disorder by raiding my money bank and scraping together the coppers for a cinema ticket and a pizza avec les girlies, which was really nice for single saddos like me. :) i also ran into an old friend briefly at the train station (a friend who doesn't even live in this country yo!) which was totally unexpected, really pleasant and restored my faith in coincidence. with all the stressful crap going on in the teenage life of moi and those around me, its nice to think things might happen for a reason.

Depending on who you ask, today is considered the first day of spring. Which makes me want to sing Noah and The Whale songs and go for a picnic. I can't believe that this winter we've had more snow since...well since ever, really. I mean it was fun for a while, but then it went too far. In new york they're calling it snowmageddon/snowpocalypse.

all i see is drizzle.
hurry up springtime! i've got cheap red sunglasses and a bottle of JD, and i'm waiting for yoooouu!!


  1. HOTTTT. Wheres the playsuit from? x

  2. thanks :) i don't think i like this photo. doesn't do it justice! its all 1940s, from miss selfridge.