curiouser & curiouser.

Does anyone else think it feels like the 1960s? There is NO traffic, you can walk on the roads, and if some determined soul has taken an ill-advised trip out in their car...well the chances are they aren't going above 5mph anyway. I truly feel like we've travelled back in time.
So I loaded up my new satchel with my trusty old camera, a mini tripod and a thermos of coffee, put on 2 pairs of gloves and 3 scarves (no exaggeration), and marched off down my road. Needless to say as soon as I arrived at the park I slipped, landed not-so-gracefully on my arse, and sloshed coffee everywhere. Well I knew my day couldn't be quite as serene as I'd imagined from my nice warm bedroom this morning.
But it was pretty much deserted. I can only imagine all the little kids had dragged their parents out sledging far far earlier than I'd appeared, and burnt themselves out by this time.
So aside from a couple of friendly dog walkers who said hello and looked at me suspiciously, I was undisturbed as I snapped my way through the scenery.

Now. I need to make some hot food, watch some daytime TV, and contemplate doing some revision.
That and my laptop battery is running out.

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