totally, abracadabra, wow.

you know how theres always a couple of days near the end of a week off, especially at christmas/new years, when your friends are away and you've eaten all the selection boxes.. its about the same time that you're staring at the pile of schoolwork that you should really have done by now and yet haven't.
well its days like those that something in me thinks it would be a good idea to go on the internet at 9 in the morning, WRONG because i then spend the entire day procrastinating, watching 'related videos' which aren't related at all, clicking the 'random article' button on wikipedia, rediscovering websites i used to love.
cocoperez, thisiswhyyou'refat, welikethreads, craigslist, tumblr, twitterfall, obsessively checking blogger, hotmail, youtube subscriptions, facebook, imdb, nme. I CAN'T STOP!!!

but the point of this blog is actually to express my new found love for Skins, series 1 of which I ended up watching in its entirety in one day. yup.
so theres another bandwagon i'm late jumping on to. i watched the new cast series 3 but realised i'd never seen the origional ones and i love love lovedddd them :)
BUT i especially love the character of Cassie...she's so...sort of perfect, and sort of majorly fucked up.
"i like things that i like, but i love everything."
not to mention, and i'm sorry to drag this down to the level of vanity again, (but, meh, my blog, fuck you) i larrrrve her look!
she has exactly the look i'd rock if i had money. all late night NY diners and straw boaters. hannah murray i bow down to you.
you see? THIS is why i should not be allowed near the internet!

ps. twoyoutubevideosandamotherfuckingcrossfader.com
theres nothing like it.

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