lightbulb moment.

have you ever read anything more true than this?
the opposite of talking is not listening, the opposite of talking is waiting - fran lebowitz

I mean, genuinely, just listen to the conversations of the people around you (without getting involved in them if you can help it) and you will hear this in action.. It works so perfectly that the first time you do it its kind of hysterically funny, until you realise how weighty/borderline depressing it really is. I'm not claiming nobody EVER listens to you when you talk, they do. But the truth is that in conversation you already KNOW what the next thing you want to say will be...then when the other person has spoken, you say it. So you hear people start to say a sentence, get interrupted, wait whilst the interrupter finishes, and then they say that origional sentence anyway! Its a scary thought-- do we really disregard such a large percentage of what our friends say to us? Are we really capable of being that headstrong?
Its sort of an unwritten rule, which is what makes it so weird when you begin to notice it.

Just a thought of the day likeee :) I just thought it was interesting. Shall I go back to being shallow now? OK. ;D

Tim Minchin is making an animated short film?
Oooh, yes please. :) Its his fault that I went to bed so late last night, due to his live show being on tv. Damn your wit, and your mesmirising hair.


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