because i'm sure you're all utterly fascinated with the colour of my hair, i thought i'd show these lil snaps. 
I wish i'd done this when it was long, think it would have looked nicer, oh well. And its a tad ginger, which I expressly told it not to be on my twitter. I figure if I just do it a few more times as it grows, eventually it will go more platinum-blonde? 
(what I'd really like is properly white/grey blonde, but that would mean something like Manic Panic flash lightening kit and that scares me a bit. If anybody has used it and could give me a review, I'd be very grateful?)

I've talked more about my hair than I intended to. Ugh. Sorry!!

Today I bought fresh strawberries, they have made my life.

Also got the Vaccines album the other day, Wetsuit is my new favourite, makes me just want it to be summer nowww! :)

And please join me in feeling the love for Patrick Wolf, and his dreamy video for the City.



  1. swanky new hair. i like very much. :) x

  2. Awesome hair. I was thinking about getting The Vaccines album - apart from loving the song Wetsuit, what are your thoughts on the album? You should post a review! Just a thought :D

  3. Nice hair :)
    Makes me wish i had the guts to dye mine after a year of saying I will! x

  4. your hair is so adorable, i love it!