and i never felt so alive, and so dead

hullo my lovelies, (sorry I've been a bit awol recently! been too busy catching up on everybody else's lovely blogs to write my own! haha the more I read the less I feel inspired with my own efforts, a bad habit I know, but I can't be the only one who thinks like this on occasion?)

anyway I would like to share my opinion on tattoos.
I don't have any, but really would like one. Although some people can carry off the arty sketchpad look, personally I think I'll only ever have one, maybe two. I also have quite specific ideas about what I think looks pretty (enough for me to have permanently inked onto me forever, anyway!) No coloured ink, and something small and delicate. It needs to be something I'd treasure, and never hate.
I don't think age would make you regret a tattoo of your youth. If it meant something to you at the time then it would be a momento of who you were, regardless of wether or not you are still them.
Despite being at the age when quite a few of my creatively minded peers are starting to get inked, I'm determined to hold out until my 21st birthday, because I have decided that I'd like a small outline, or maybe filled in, at the nape of my neck, of a key. This key, in fact!
It's the key to a sideboard/alcohol cabinet we have in our dining room in my familys house, I remember playing with it as a kid and unlocking all the different cupboards with it. It is ornate, but real. Also 21 is traditionally the 'key-to-the-door' age.. Call me sentimental, I know haha

Lord knows what my rents would say if I just strolled through the door with a fresh tat though, so I may have to broach the subject with them at some point over the next two years...
Do you have any tattoos? Or want any?

I spent today with a buddy from 6th form, we went back in to help out with 'Higher Education Day' for the lower sixth, giving our experiences of year 1 of uni, 'the things they don't tell you' that sort of thing. It was nice but exhausting. Got home to find these beauts in the post.

Naptime now ahah, hope youre all well!


  1. I think that tatoo of the key would be pretty neat! I wouldn't mind getting a tattoo but there just isn't anything I would want on my body so permanently. Maybe I'll think of something one day!

  2. you should bring this key on a necklace, would be amazing
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  3. i'm obsessed with sofia coppola films! my last post was even about her..xx

  4. I have two tattoos now.

    The first I got I wasn't planning on telling my Mum, but I ended up blerting it out on the morning of my appointment. Turns out I was actually getting a homage to her tattoo so she was actually very flattered.

    I think that people can grow to regret their tattoos, if they no longer represent who they are or they got them without thinking about them. But I think your idea of a key is a lovely and symbolic idea. I plan to only get meaningful tattoos, I wouldn't want to get anything, just 'cus.

    Polly ♥