from the picture my mind drew, i know i'd look good on you

I have very veeeerry thick hair, and if I'm not careful the sheer weight of it makes it go flat. Flatlined. Even when it's short. 
So the other day I used my carefully hoarded Boots points to treat myself to Charles Worthington Volume Blow Dry Spray. I liked the shampoo from this range so thought I'd give it a go and holy cow it actually works. I don't know how it would perform on hair that's flat because it's thin, but for hair that's flat because it's heavy bish bash bosh jobs a goodun. 
Have any of you tried it?

BIG LOVE (and big hair.) x

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  1. My hair has this problem. No matter how much I cut out of it, the sheer dead weight of it makes my curls go flat my lunch. You'd recommend then?

    Polly ♥