It's the little details...

some close up shots of my room at university.
1.my precious moleskine, flower enamel necklace, the bow ring I never quite managed to give back to Kim 2.A framed photograph from Newquay this year in ornate black Paperchase frame, my Newquay 2011 wristband, and a scented reed diffuser in the background 3.Calvin Klein Beauty perfume and white tin tealight holder 4.Pretty bunting from one of my favourite shops, New England Store in Worcester 5.Pillows on my bed including my Beatles pillow, which is so comfy but I feel that Paul McCartney judges me as I flail around doing my exercise dvd... 6. the dreamcatcher I've had since I was about ten! Its from the Native american bit of Epcot, Florida 7.Well worn New Look moccasins and the paper bag I keep uni work in (got it from the freshers fair even though I'm not a fresher, cheeky) What can I say I'm a sucker for cute typography 8. Elle, my academic diary organiser and black/gold Skullcandy lowrider headphones 9.A wicker basket (you have no idea how many of these I have in my room...) and a couple of my ever growing pile of Vogue UK..I love to stack them. Its not my fault that they are beautiful enough to incorporate into decor!

A little tribute to two of my favourite pretty blogs, Ciao Domenica and This Is Glamourous
I don't know when I turned into an old lady, but recently have got really into cosy interiors, home baking and decorating! 
Coveting Le Creuset cookware and Mason Cash mixing bowls.
Loving anything berry coloured, honey and almond porridge and pumpkin pie.
Must be autumn setting in.

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