all your jokes are blue

I like the faces people pull when they eat an unexpectedly sour sweet.
I like freshly baked bread, scottish accents, and people who bother to type in full sentences.
I like unread emails, forties pin up girls, Irn Bru, and ticking off the last box on my to do list. Malibu with coke, high heels with socks, and sleeping with the radio on.
Cotton dresses, paperbag shorts, buying the Sunday paper. I like walking in bare feet, and Oscar Wilde, and 'builders' tea, and when you see two old friends meet eachother on the street... I like books, and toffee apples, the countryside, and the old leather satchels.

I like blogging, and flicking through other peoples blogs, tumblrs, lookbooks and twitters.
I like the internetzz :)

What do you like?