what would effy do?

meanwhile, it appears I am not the only one in my fam who is snap happy, my brother was given an old film camera (of some sort - i cant remember what it is!) for christmas and he showed me some photos the other day. I like this one best.
Its of swansea, where he studies. Pretty, no?
Talking of people I like, if you aren't following this girl then shame on you, you should be. Alice is not only my neighbourino and future housemate, but she is also cute as a button and a verrrry talented photographer!
How are you all? For me its been a long week full of some very strange nights out (one included dubstep and a possible concussion, one included dressing up from the moulin rouge / we looked more rocky horror - both nights resulted in a slight loss of dignity sadface) and some very important decisions about next years university units..
In between I found time to paint my nails with Models Own nail varnish in juicy jules which is essentially just silver glitter, I love the way it catches the light and makes my nails look like a disco ball. I forget its there and then it cheers me ight up! haha, simple things! Can't wait to try it over alllll the colours I own.
At the moment I cannot stop repeating this song!! I am developing a problem. The Vaccines are rapidly becoming my obsession du jour and there is the distinct possibility that I might be getting to see them live in Birmingham when I venture home for easter in April eeeek! 
I have found that my PhotoBooth is totally rammed with very odd shots of me that I forget I take.. this isn't just me I'm sure! I am tempted to do a post of some of the more obscure ones. I tend to snap before I go out if I like what I'm wearing so that I'll remember and wear it again, but then I just never look at the photos. Oops.

This has been a mammoth catchup post for which I can only apologise..I should do more small ones...hmm..let me know if that would be better? In the meantime I hope you kiddies all had lovely weeks and enjoy the weekend!!

ps. can I get to 30 of you lovely followers? Hmmm we'll see!

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  1. I'm in love with that nail polish!! :D :D :D thank you for the shout out my deary :) i better get some more photograghs on here haha. have you asked in jessops if they can develop your film? how are you chucky? :) loveee xxx