if I ever got a cat, i'd call it Ronan Kitten

first off I can only apologise for being a terrible blogger of late. There was a brief fling with tumblr and, y'know how it is, real life took over for a while. But don't worry you pretty little things, it's a Sunday afternoon - and as if I'd go a Sunday afternoon without logging onto blogger. It is necessary, along with The Sunday Times, cake baking and the chart show.

I've been back home for a week now, and as well as whizzing through my coursework (so fast that I am conviced I have forgotten to do something mayjah and as a result there will be a massive panic when I head back to pomp in about 2 weeks and then I'll fail a unit and probably all of Uni and then just die of poverty for evahhhh)...where was I? Oh yeah. I have also been reunited with the beauts I left behind in Droitwich. A sweet night out in the Woo Town (Worcester. Yes, like the sauce.) plus the vaccines gig and peter kay show, both in Birmingham. I get about, haha. I'm not sure I could ever be bored of home.
But I did think I should show my face around here, since my last two posts have been people-free with uninspiring photos and could have been written, frankly, by robots.

So here is what I wore yesterday, when my bestie came round to stay (hadn't seen her since January, the scamp). Upon realising the sun was out and about, I promptly whipped off the tights and blinded her with my milky white legs ;) I probably could have found a nicer place to take these photos, but I was uber-excited to be back in my room (read: too lazy to move). Also, head-to-toe Topshop, cos I is a choong, ennit?

Now I must be off to enjoy the fleeting midlands sunshine, and also because I have a chocolate loaf cake in the oven.

Just call me a domestic goddess.


  1. oh yeah, topshop sleveless i see? i have the same one but in blue... and camel! ;) aha. wish i hadn't go the blue one now though, i have far too much blue to know what to do with!
    also, hello goddess we also baked banana loaf yesterday, oohhh, yeah, was yours good? :)

  2. aaalso, you see i'm looking for some colour 120 film and i was just wondering what 120 film you used in you diana last time, lomography's own? :)

  3. ohh lovely outfit!

    I like the sound of that chocolate loaf cake! I lurve baking haha

    xx Carina