what did you expect from the vaccines?

this was my saturday night:

yeah I didn't even get any proper photos from the gig because the crowd were so freaking violent I didn't wanna whip my camera out! too busy trying to stay upright and all that malarky. but oohhh myyyy, they were bloody good.

The Ceazars and The Smith-Westerns supported, who were both fab, but as soon as The Vaccines came on wowwwwww the crowd just errupted. Me and my friends may have been being naive (were we?) but we did not expect a mosh pit. Neither did the band, judging by Justin and Freddies amused faces ;)

also it was my first time at the hmv institute and I like like like! Hope to be gracing their venue more often haha. :) can't stop smiling, or playing the album, they were infectious.

if at some point we all succumb, for goodness sake let us be young



  1. ohhh, i'm so jealous of this! i JUST bought their album (fiver on itunes, bargain) and i LOVE IT.

  2. went to the hmv intsitute a few weeks back. i like it there too. glad you had a good night, and a mosh pit? ahha, no way.