19 before 20

Sooooo a little while ago I wrote a list called 18 before 19. (18 things I wanted to do before my 19th birthday!) 
Well, that day is next week! (Please, don't even go there; I already feel like a pensioner after me and my friends attended an all day gig full of 14-year-olds. We drank cider, just cos we could.)

I figured I'd look back at the old list, and then write a new one for this year. 
These are the things I managed to complete off of my last list!!
. cut my hair off (at christmas! allthough it is rapidly growing back now, which is good because I miss it! this was a silly idea.)
. get, and learn to use, a real film camera (my beloved diana dreamer. although I still have some learning to do judging by my last roll!)
. break 20 followers on my blog
(proud muvva of 32 followers, each as sparkly and lovely and adorable and interesting as they come. I could NOT appreciate them more, and I mean that.)
learn how to cook a new meal  (hullo university, hullo culinary improvements.)
add to vintage collection (some levi cutoffs in pompey, and a knitted christmas jumper in worcester)
. learn to type better
 (I feel I have done this. Only due to increased amount of time on blogger/twitter). see a band who I really really really like (The Vaccines!!!!!!!!!!!@*&?%!?!!)
. find some high heeled shoes I can walk in
 (my Select wedges. Not vertiginous, but dreamy)
. tell my best friends how much I love them
 (Started doing this far more now that seeing special people is more difficult what with us all leading adult lives. Especially when tipsay)
. sort somewhere to live next year
 (Our house is going to be BEAUTIFULLLLL)
. finish first look book
 (Did this pretty much as soon as I wrote it down. Bad way to make a list, really)
. start a second look book
 (yussssssss. will post another video when done). feel ok about being at uni (YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA. may have taken my time and had a few wobbles, admittedly, but I am happier now than I ever imagined 6 months ago)

So thats um 13/19. Pretty good since I only wrote this six months ago, not a year. I have the luxury of a full year to do the next list. 
TALKING OF THE NEXT LIST HERE IT IS OMG HOW EXCITINGGGGG!! The first few are the things which I didn't complete last time, carried over. Then the rest is new...

1. read all the books left on my 'to read' list
2. paint a canvas
3. make a skirt. (it can't be that hard, surely?)
4. find some vintage babycham glasses! (also: four words. test tube shot glasses.)
5. find a nice boy!
6. make it to the second year of Uni!!!
7. learn to walk in heels! PROPER heels!
8. have grown hair long
9. have managed to get SOMETHING published, in some capacity or other.
10. break 35 followers? Is it greedy to have this on my list?
11. make a [substantial] donation to charity
12. clear overdraft / refrain from being more in debt due to wine / nutella / zara compulsions.
13. have had some sort of part-time employment
14. visit a new country
15. learn to cook a new meal (yes I already completed this - roast dinner! - but am repeating it. life skill innit)
16. drive a long distance journey
17. visit a stately home
18. come up with a plan, of what I'm going to do after uni
19. agree to do something, take an opportunity, that you would normally immediately say 'no' to.

I feel like this years list is more difficult than the last one! Bigger things. But I would like my short term goals to be less materialistic and more important to my life. We'll see. Right now, turning 19 in a week, 20 sounds like another planet, a million years away from here. Thats how old my brother is now! And thats freaky, because I'd like to be a teenager forever, please.
Let me see your lists then!! (cos I'm a nosey byatch.)

So chuffed that the sun is still shining on England :) Ima go help the mothership with some scone-baking (we are firm Paul Hollywood fans, a-thankyou. hahaa.) before meeting the girlies tonight for some cheekay cocktails. And some Malibu. Lots of malibu. HEY, it's like a tradition. Drinking malibu with the Droitwich girls is sort of like being 17 again hahahaha. 



  1. Pensioner? I'm twenty, man! Haha.

    Nice list, no doubt you'll complete it x

  2. I love this naked ambition. It's always good to have something to motivate you. Well done.

  3. Such a pretty outfit, love the skirt
    I did a similar thing before my eighteenth birthday and don't regret a single thing, even though they were crazy it was a lot of fun
    Your list sounds like a blast, best of luck for the coming year
    And don't worry, 19 isn't so bad :P