screaming rule britannia

oh yeahh so I'm 19 now waaaaaaaaa
I am a very lucky girl, with an adorable and generous family, and friends who are willing to dress up in togas, on my whim. :) That was a couple of nights ago, it was a crazygood night in the wootown. On my actual birthday yesterday there happened to be an Italian market in town so I popped down to buy some stuffed olives and eat local ice cream, then after an old school birthday tea with my increasingly hilarious grandparents, we just watched old movies with a glass of wine haha I'm so freaking rock and rolllll


In Other News...
Would just like to go on record and say that I was completely swept up in royal wedding mania this weekend! Watched it with (and with a hilarious commentary may I add courtesy of) my rents and a friend I had over. There was tongue in cheek discussion over whether the Queen was in 'primrose' or 'sherbet lemon', my mum pretended to know who Sarah Burton was, there were comparasons between my dads eyebrows and those of the Archbishop of Canterbury, and speculation about Prince Harrys best man speech / bachelor status. But despite all the fun we were having (and the cake. don't forget the cake) Kate looked truly breathtaking, naturally graceful, and it was a moment that made you proud to be British.


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