alcohol lemon haze, i been watching you for days.

I am dangerously close to completing my first year at uni. Well technically I already have! Hence the post-handing-in-last-assignment sudden increase in wine-and-food related blogs/tweets. Next Friday (assuming the world is still about, then) I pack up my little room and leave halls! To commemorate, here are some thoughts on my first year at uni, in the hope they will inspire and comfort those about to leave for their first years….

pizza is most definitely a food group. as is Red Bull. as is Nandos.
the library is open twenty-four hours at exam season for a reason
think of swipe card doors as a fun gambling game, rather than just assuming they will work.
radio times website has a really good highlights tv guide. just sayin
don't cause flatmate tension. at least, not till the last few weeks of the year
please don't buy dodgy meat after a night out. just, trust.
inexplicable bruises are par for the course
it is 100% possible to live on porridge 
sleep is no longer reserved for nighttimes

and most of all this year I have learnt that Portsmouth is full of strange and complicated people, but also full of wonderful lovely gems, as I'm sure is true of the whole country over, and when you find such lovely people you should get them all together in one house and have a massive party with music and cider and then go home and do some work and basically you will have the best time ever.

photos from tumblr


  1. Aw, wow! This post makes me excited for uni! :) <3

  2. Lovely post well done on completing your first year.