a victory for the kids who believed in rock and roll

If any of you are university/college age people, or even beyond, do you know what you'll be doing as a job in the future? Cos I certainly don't! And I pretty much felt like the only one growing up, surrounded by kids with concrete job aspirations. Of course now I realise that most of the people around me only have a vague idea of the job they want, if that. And maybe I'm putting too much emphasis on career - I know its not the most important thing in the world. But I do think being happy is important.

So, blow it, if it all goes wrong here are my outrageous bank-busting back up options ;)
(also read: dream plans)

1. Village Pub
It is a fact of life that I have watched too much Corrie over the years, but this means that I am slightly obsessed with the idea of running a pub and living above it. The pub could be anywhere doesn't have to be a village, in fact in a slightly unhinged/romanticised way I wouldnt mind a slightly scummy street corner pub! But being the softie I am for a village green, pretty church and slow pace of life, this would pretty much be my dream job!

2. Vintage Boutique
I'm sure the current (last 2/3 years?) fad for vintage clothing will fade soon (and as an avid vintage fan hopefully this means the pricing will go back to normal!) but I hope there is always a market for good quality vintage. But I'm no snob; repro or vintage inspired modern pieces have just as much of a place and sometimes are even more perfect! I'd love to offer some kind of personable, glamorous service a la Lucy In Disguise haha (side note: have you seen their website? now that is a website)

3. Tea Room
Maybe I could even combine this with the one above, and have a cute lil tea room in the corner of a vintage boutique? (The mothership would love that haha). I remember being introduced to tea rooms on our many family holidays to Scotland as a child, being given sweet meringues with cream! As a grown up with a mild to moderate tea obsession I can now seriously appreciate a good pot of English Breakfast tea and a toasted teacake.

Anybody else have secret dream jobs? Or not so secret in my case!! haha
This was a bit of a cop out post. I'm going to write something good soon *pinkypromise*
I have a few exciting days ahead, but I must stop procrastinating and battle through this uni coursework first! Good luck anyone with exams!!

big love

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  1. aha, these are great plans! :)
    myself and two of my friends from college have a back up plan to start a bakery if our artistic careers fall through. :) and our bakery will be in stratford-upon-avon, we've even got plans and names of specials and everything, shakespeare themed of course. needless to say we've had alot of time to talk about this. ;)

  2. that is a truly beautiful idea!! love the shakespeare theme!:D ahaha who says kids these days dont have ambition?!

  3. i love this more than words can say!
    I could see you doing these things. These jobs would really suit you. But I think you'd suit editor-in-chief of vogue too ;) maybe after a good couple of years at vogue you could settle down to one of these. I see you with a beagle of course. I love uni and everything and I'm probably very naive about all this but, I cannot wait till we're in our 30s with pretty cottages, with lots of dogs and fields, and a loving husband and little children running in the garden playing with the puppies. Okay, I'll shut up now. :) xxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. hahahahahahaa that might be the lovliest blog comment ive ever recieved! x

  5. I love this! I have always dreamed of owning a cupcake bakery. But it would also sell the most gorgeous floral dresses, cath kidston style stationery and body products that smell like cake <3 ahh a girl can dream...maybe one day

    xx Carina