worse things have happened at sea.

AHEM excuse me, people; this is the last blog I will write at this desk, in this little white cell-like room, in my university halls! Sad moment. I'm moving out for summer, and next term will be living in an actual house. Exciting times! 

Right now, perched behind my chair, leaning against the wall and teetering dangerously is a huuuuuge pile of...stuff. I seem to have accumulated a lot of stuff. To be precise, 2 huge suitcases, 2 medium suitcases, one little suitcase, 3 'bags-for-life', a laundry bag and 4 waitrose-foldup canvas bags. PHEW.

I'm not sure why its sad to be leaving - halls aren't lovely. This room is not lovely. The window only opens a crack and the garish curtains give you a headache. My wardrobe has been door-less for 9 months (thanks, maintenance) and the carpet is mysteriously-stained. There are scuff-marks under the desk where my foot taps the wall, and the odd nail varnish mark here and there - but generally I have treated this room well, and whilst the early morning fire-alarms and people upstairs having parties at 4am might not have been brilliant, I can't deny that I've had some good times and met some lovely people in halls.

Above all it is very, very strange to think that come September some new person will be sitting at this desk, staring at the strip of wall, pretending they haven't got a pile of coursework next to them, and working their way through the content of iPlayer. Just like I did! And I may have written a nice little note and hidden it somewhere in my room, for them to find, is that sad? Tomorrow morning it'll be goodbye James Watson, goodbye Portsmouth, Hello Summer!


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  1. I just left my uni halls as well! Sad :( your room looks so cosy xx