sunday mornings

good morning kids, hope you're having lovely sundays full of morning papers and croissants...well no, neither am I actually, if only! But what I AM doing, is reviewing what made me hap hap happy this week :)

1. last weeks little burst of sunshine at the beach  2. yummy strawberry bonbons  3. nights in = muchos doodling  4. topshops flash sale bargains 5. new fave lunch - fresh fuit and wholegrain yoghurt. although I can't wait to go home for easter and undo all this healthy eating!

 SO I'm a littttle sad that I can't be with the mothership on Mothers Day (today in the uk, if it had escaped your notice) even though she really doesn't go in for all that soppy stuff. But still, I am uber-excited to be going home on Thursday. There are a million cakes waiting to be baked :) (sadly my uni kitchen is massively under-equipped for those kind of antics haha)

Talking of living in halls, Friday night illustrates perfectly why living here is freaking hilarious and also the bane of my existence - one fire alarm at 4 am is a bitch but you get over it, however when some joker decides to set them off three times in the space of like two hours, lets just say we were not happy bunnies. However seeing the same joker being wrestled down the stairs at 6am by burly security guards kind of made up for it! Most of the action took place two or so floors above us but there was a lot of shouting, and talk of pinning to the floor and black eyes =/ uh ohhhhhh. Apparently me and a couple of the homies are going in to our old sixth form to give a talk about applying for further education to the new year twelves - shall I drop a few of these horror stories in there? ;)
 Being awake since four in the morning might explain why I slept so long last night, and why I am sooo rested this morning that I actually vacuumed. I know...cleaning, wow.

I'm also crazy-excited because next weekend I'm going to see Peter Kay! Actual bloody Peter Kay! I know, the fourteen year old me is jumping for joy! He makes me and my fam just cry with laughter, his material is so nostalgic and just bob on.. he's not toured for a while so it feels like a proper treat. I'll be sure to report back on that one :)

There is clearly no way I'm going to the library today, so I'd better get on with some other work so I actually feel like I've achieved something haha. Sorry this is so long! I'm awful at the 'quick catch up' sitch.

Enjoy what is left of your weekends my beauts x


  1. lovely little pics - sundays are about blogging and my dad's cappucinos for me :) xx

  2. i hated living in halls haha, but yeah you always have loads of little stories after living in them!
    mm strawberry bonbons! :) yuuum xxx

  3. I'd tell them the truth Lizzie! let them know what they are in store for! haha :D Looks like you've had a fab week my deary :) my sundays been work,chill,work,chill chill chill,work :D haha xxx

  4. I LIVE off those Tesco bonbons! They are sooo good :)

    Ahhh, Im applying for my uni accomodation now so these are the kind of stories I really dont want to be reading, ahaha!