don't balance on a spindle, and smile when you know I'm uptight

zara colourblock knit, my only real sale swag of this year. Economising, woot!
and a blurry snap of my minnetonka moccasin booties, christmas coins wisely spent. I think they're cute! Unfortunately my family think its hilarious to ask if they're slippers.

In between catching up with old faces, I seem to have spent a lot of this break reading - as in, non uni-related books(!) - which is really nice as for about a year there I sort of lost interest in reading. Now that I'm feeling the buzz again, I'm like a machine, most recently devouring some other Antonia White (Frost In May is one of my favourites ever ever ever). Most of my friends are back at uni now (sad face) but I get another couple of weeks of January off (dare you to suggest I'm on a slackers course, see what happens, muah ha ha..etcetera) so I hope to crack on with a few more books whilst the house is quiet. A lot has changed since this time last year. Appreciating the little things now, like still moments in my room & making tea in an actual teapot.


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