The Ideas Book

Today I bought a non-lined A4 hardbacked notebook. Sensational news, I know.

I've had an identical one for a few months now, in which - inspired by a blog I saw - I have made my own Lookbook. The pages are stuffed full of anything and everything cut from the pages of magazines and newspapers. It started off being purely fashion - cable knit cardies, maxi-dresses with shearling boots, grungy florals with dirty plaids, Mulberry heels, a Tatler spread... all the looks I would wish to emulate had I the capacity/patience, and all the looks that genuinely do inspire me if I need to look nice but am uninspired. But the book is no longer fashion, because I couldnt resist cutting out other things that inspire me - nice photography, interviews, articles, interiors etc. The book is now so thick it barely closes...ooops.
Well anyway, since the original book is full, I havent any mags left to destroy,
I am off to Uni next week, and am anticipating that after the haze of the first few busy, exciting, stressful weeks, I will occasionally need something to occupy my mind - and my hands. My ultimate dream is to become a screenwriter, and I am constantly opening text files, blurting out ideas, and saving them under file names which are frankly so enigmatic that I never read them again. So I have started the Ideas Book.

When I have quite finished blubbing over the end of The History Boys (one of the few films in the known universe to make me weep) I am going to go work on it some more.

Its so cathartic, I think everyone should do one, on the subject that they think about all the time. It might make you realise just how many ideas you really have.


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